The historic Shubra Palace in Taif

المسافرون العرب

Shubra Palace is one of the ancient palaces and it is one of the most beautiful palaces because it contains ancient contents and is characterized by the splendor and luxury of the architecture and there is the Taif Governorate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is characterized by a unique geographical location so we find it mediates the city of Taif and overlooks one of the main roads and is known as Shubra Street and therefore the palace was called this name where there is a street Shubra and we will show you some important information about Shubra Palace on the Arab Travelers website.

Shubra Palace

Its history

The palace was built in Shubra in the city of Taif in 1323 AH, 1905 AD by Ali bin Abdullah bin Aoun Pasha, and its construction was completed in 1325 AH, 1907 AD and is considered one of the most important monuments in the city of Taif.
This palace is considered one of the most important palaces where King Abdul Aziz Al Saud lived in him at the beginning of his assumption of power and after that King Faisal resided in it and then after that he became a state property and was the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense and Aviation until 1407 AD then he was handed over to the Ministry of Education previously (the Education Department is currently ) To become the headquarters of the Archeology Museum in Taif Governorate and is currently affiliated with the Tourism Authority.

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Its design

  • It was built in the Islamic and Romen style in addition to the architectural style of the Hijaz region, which gave it beauty and architectural distinction from the outside and the interior, so Islamic architecture appears in the columns, doors, arches, arches, windows, and ceilings decorated with wood carvings.
  • It consists of four floors underneath the cellar, in addition to gardens and external annexes.
  • It has approximately 150 rooms.
  • It has several doors, but the main gate is located in the western side of the palace, and it is made of wood decorated with decorations.
  • The palace has four identical facades and has some columns made of light and stones.
  • The main hall has a large wooden staircase, the floor of which is decorated with alabaster and known as the staircase.
  • The second floor of the palace includes two pavilions, each with large rooms and small rooms whose walls, columns, and pillars are decorated with colorful floral motifs.
  • The doors and windows are made of carved wood.
  • The ceilings are wooden with decorations and reliefs, and the wall of the palace roof has a Romen character.

Contents of the palace

The museum includes:

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  • Rock panels written on a number of Arabic calligraphy throughout the ages.
  • Millstones of varying sizes and sizes, swords, shields, spears, daggers, rifles, and old pistols.
  • Some precious stones, ornaments, ancient seals, archaeological silver and gold coins, and some household items and lamps (stone, clay, and glass) date from pre-Islamic times.
  • An old device for distilling rose water, and a perfume of rose water, and this device has been the cause of Taif’s popularity throughout the ages.
  • Locks made of iron, some agricultural tools, and an ancient rock-pulling cart.

times of work

Visitors are welcomed seven days a week, from 8 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon.
From 4 pm to 8 pm.
The palace has turned into a museum because it contains valuable archaeological contents dating back to ancient times. It has become a tourist attraction for many visitors and tourists, and a number of social, tourist, exhibitions and programs are held there. To find out more information about him, visit his official website by clicking here.

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