The importance of tourism as a source of national income

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The importance of tourism as a source of national income

Tourism provides a good opportunity for a number of industries in the host tourism countries, which helps to raise the level of income at the national and individual levels, as tourism provides opportunities to work in many areas, such as hotels, restaurants, and various tourism companies, in addition to providing a greater number of car rental agencies , Sports equipment, souvenir shops, and much more, all of which helps to find various levels of work for individuals who live within this community, which reduces unemployment. If tourism is properly invested, this will provide a good level of income. J, which can bring a great benefit for both the host country and local communities, it will also lead to the improvement of education and infrastructure development levels.

The importance of tourism in the field of social progress

Tourism is considered one of the important means that helps in achieving cultural exchange between societies, where tourists learn how to interact with respect, tolerance, and love with each other, and it also helps spread the beauty, culture, language, art and history of the host country, as tourists can learn Some of them are transferred to other countries that they visit.

The importance of tourism in the development of infrastructure

The shape of any region often changes when it turns into a tourist area, where the prosperity of tourism in a region helps in developing its infrastructure, by building dams, building roads, improving airports, raising the quality of communications, and other things that provide the tourist with a tourist experience Best.

The importance of tourism to the individual

Tourism offers many benefits to individuals, it helps them to form new friendships in the places they visit, it also helps them to build their personalities, gain them more wisdom, broaden their horizons of thinking, and teach them new languages, as well as its importance in individuals feeling happy that they will face more challenges, They are testing new things they have not tested before.


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