The importance of tourism in Egypt

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The economic importance of tourism in Egypt

Tourism constituted approximately 13% of the Egyptian economy in the past, and the positive effects of tourism can be improved by enhancing job opportunities for the people surrounding the archaeological sites, and the Egyptian economy can also benefit from the tourist demand for local goods and services. The Egyptian antiquities are part of the Egyptian cultural heritage, and they are also an important source of the economy in Egypt. In 1995, the United States of America provided assistance to Egypt through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) worth more than $ 100 million to preserve the antiquities and heritage masterpieces It is noteworthy that the Egyptian cultural treasures must be protected from human activity, as well as environmental factors such as the rise of groundwater that threatens many important sites as well as the homes and health of citizens who live h To them.

tourism in Egypt

Egypt is one of the most easily accessible places on the continent of Africa, it is connected to Europe and North America with regular flights, and as a result, tourists flock to it greatly to enjoy watching the ancient Egyptian monuments that have attracted the attention of tourists and scholars for centuries, and the Egyptian government has established an infrastructure It makes it easy for tourists to visit the various historical sites in it at all times of the year, and among the important tourist sites in Egypt are the following:


Cairo is the largest city in Egypt at the present time, and has a population of approximately 20.5 million people. It is the capital of Egypt and was founded in 969 AD. Its roots go back to 2000 BC, and tourists visit it to see the great pyramids in Giza. These three pyramids were built in The past as graves of ancient Egyptian kings, which is located near Cairo and is one of the most famous tourist sites in Egypt, and among the tourist sites in Cairo as well: Al-Azhar, which is one of the oldest universities in the world, and Cairo occupies a distinctive place because it is considered the most crowded desert city in the world, and there are buildings from Different eras, like uncle Rh Islamic and other arts existed for thousands of years.


Alexandria occupies the second largest Egyptian city, with a population of approximately 4.5 million people, and during the past years its population has grown very quickly due to the high number of births and immigration from the countryside to the city, which is an important coastal city and an industrial area also, and the history of this city dates back to the Greek and Roman era It was home to the famous Pharos Lighthouse, and was once known as an academic center of the world.


Suez is the sixth city in terms of population in Egypt, with a population of about 566 thousand people, and its location is important as there is a port that facilitated trade between countries in northern Egypt and the Arab countries, and at the present time Suez is a site for large oil refineries and a petrochemical plant , And oil and chemical products arrive in Cairo via pipelines and railways.

Port Said

Port Said is located in the north-east of Cairo, with a population of approximately 607 thousand people, and it is one of the relatively small governorates in Egypt, but it is one of the most important governorates; it is considered as an entrance to the Suez Canal, making it the highest economic product in Egypt, and traders can benefit from imports and exports. In the Port Said Free Zone, where products are sold without taxes.


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What is the importance of tourism to Egypt?


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