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The importance of tourism

Tourism is of great importance at the local and international levels, and it has importance in the various fields of economic, cultural, social and other life. The following are some points that clarify the importance of tourism:

  • Economic importance and it appears through the following:
    • Finding job opportunities: The square works to generate many job opportunities, by linking them to many sectors.
    • Foreign capital influx: provides foreign currency with the following:
      • Foreign capital investments in the tourism sector.
      • The tourist payments that the country takes by giving entry visas to the country.
      • Currency exchange.
      • Daily spending of tourists on tourism services and products.
  • Social importance is shown through the following:
    • Tourism is an important social requirement by helping people take a period to recover and recover.
    • Tourism contributes to reducing unemployment levels and raising living standards.
  • Cultural importance and it appears through the following:
    • Tourism is one of the factors that helps in communication and exchange of cultures between peoples.
  • Political importance is shown through the following:
    • Tourism improves relations between different countries.
    • Tourism contributes to solving many political problems due to its positive effects in the economic sector.

Tourism concept

The concept of tourism refers to the activity that a person performs, where he goes to visit places with the intention of self-entertainment, and tourism is a social and economic phenomenon, and tourism includes visiting people to places within the borders of their countries or outside the borders of their countries, and there are three basic conditions that the concept of tourism is only complete with them and they are the element The human being is the individual who moves from one place to another, the material element that covers the costs of visiting an individual, and the third component, which is the time component represented by the period of residence of the individual in the place he visits.

Tourism properties

The following are the characteristics of tourism according to the Brockart and Medelec concept of tourism:

  • Tourism is a mixture of relationships and phenomena.
  • The aforementioned relationships arise through the movement component, which is the flight or the move, and the element of stability or tranquility, which is residence.
  • Tourism is outside the main place of work or living.
  • Tourism is temporary.
  • The drive from tourism is not business related.

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