The importance of travel

المسافرون العرب

Discover the world

Some think that he possesses enough and sufficient information about the world, due to what he learned and received from the life around him, but he can gain a new experience through travel and different experiences from what he knew and previously learned it, and some may think that travel is expensive, but experience proves that it is possible The individual has to save more money during travel than he can save while sitting in his home, in addition to getting to know new people who may be surprised by their friendliness and generosity, and travel also allows him to discover his cultures and new places.

Reducing psychological stress

One of the studies demonstrated that the traveler feels less anxiety, feels more comfortable, in addition to an improvement in his mood, and these effects are evident three days after the start of his vacation usually, as it has been scientifically proven that travel reduces stress and stress; as stress levels decrease during travel significantly, and from It is worth noting that the feeling of relaxation and good mood that the traveler feels during his vacation may extend for several weeks after the end of his trip.

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Self-help help

During his travel, the traveler is exposed to many situations, including difficult and complex ones, so he finds himself facing new situations that are new to him, and he has not been exposed to them in his daily life, and his method of confronting them helps to identify himself more, and is ready to deal with similar circumstances Her in the future.

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Ease of making new friends

Travel makes the traveler a person stripped of any cost, because he is leaving his confined environment to an open, new, unconditional environment, and does not carry any provisions for him, so the traveler acts on his nature clearly, and this is reflected on the people he meets during his travel, so they act With him in the same way, which helps to make new friends with people who only met a few hours.

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