The island of Ibiza, Spain

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The island of Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is one of the most famous main islands located in the Spanish archipelago known as the Balearic Islands, as it is one of the most popular and tourist islands in the country, and the reason for this is due to its picturesque natural beauty, and the presence of many distinctive archaeological sites in it such as the old city, and many beaches Unique and magnificent, this island is known as the Isle of Wight.

Tourism in Ibiza

This island is located in the Mediterranean Sea along a seventy-nine kilometers on the opposite side of the coasts of Valencia, and there are many local airlines that provide daily and semi-daily flights to this island, and these trips abound in July and August, and this island can be reached using public transportation Multiple days of the year, just as tourists can book private cars from Ibiza Airport to reach the island through a special trip.

The island of Ibiza is characterized by the abundance of clubs in it, as it is distinguished by the presence of the beaches of Bora Bora that make it an ideal place for tourism, as it is home to the legendary port that many visitors accept because of its important heritage value, and in this island many luxury hotels, and various restaurants, and in it There are many cafes and places to sit, and there are many shops.
On this island, there are many distinctive places and many picturesque tourist beaches, especially Cala Longa Beach, which is characterized by its stunning view, the unique Canar Beach that attracts huge numbers of tourists and visitors, the Playas de Santa Eulalia Beach, Cala Blanca Beach, and the famous San Antonio Abad beaches, as well as Located on this island, the unique Santa Eulalia Heritage Village, this village provides its visitors with an opportunity to see the most beautiful places using panoramic views that are in line with the modern lifestyle.

The location and geography of Ibiza

Ibiza Island has an area of ​​approximately 572 km2. This island is the third largest island located in the autonomous region of the Balearic Islands. This island is located in the southern side of Formentera Island, and there are many small islands that are both Ibiza and Formentera
The Spanish language is the official language on this island or as it is known in the Castilian language and the Czech language, and the number of visitors and tourists who come to this island annually is approximately 2.8 million tourists from all regions of the world, and the number of visitors to this island increases in the summer because of the mild weather and the cleanliness and clarity of the beaches .


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