The Kingdom of Edessa

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The Kingdom of Edessa

The Kingdom of Edessa is considered the cradle of ancient Syriac literature and science, and it is known from this kingdom that it originated in the year one hundred and thirty two B.C. And Addisa, and Arabs, because its inhabitants are the Arab Arameans, and a large percentage of its population was Jewish, and this is what distinguishes it from the rest of the Syrian cities, and it is mentioned that it is the first kingdoms that converted to Christianity, and for this reason it was called the Holy City.

History of Edessa

According to the Aramaic writings, the founder of the Kingdom of Edessa is Nimrod the king, and its construction was later renovated by the Greek king (Seleucus Nicator), who named her Addisa after the name of his daughter, and after that the Aramean king ruled Ario, and after that he successively ruled over her venerable rule.

The rulers of Edessa

Edessa was ruled by a family of Arab origins, which is the Abjar family, and was also named after the repetition of the name Abjar or (earlier) among its rulers, and the meaning of Abjar in the Aramaic language is lame, and its meaning in Arabic is the owner of the rumen or open navel, and the rulers of this family were fallen after their defeat by the Romans, The number of the rulers Alabajra who succeeded to the throne of the Kingdom of Edessa was thirty kings, including:

  • First curlers.
  • Second curlers.
  • The second meaning.
  • Abraj Bake.
  • The fourth was summed into a sumac.
  • Meaning Sixth.
  • We will touch.
  • Portbat.
  • Abjar the ninth.
  • Sever Abjar X.
  • Abajar eleventh Abraham.

The cultural character of the Kingdom of Edessa

This city was distinguished by its architectural and cultural character, which is due to the multiplicity of cultures and civilizations in which it arose thanks to the Syriac, Greek, Persian, Semitic, Arab, and Hellenic peoples, and during the era of the spread of Christianity, God was present in the Syriac theological sciences, and among the most important Syrian writers and philosophers, philosopher, author, author, and author Bardisan), and the most distinguished feature of the sciences in this kingdom is that it adopted the Aramaic language into simple vocabulary (pashita) and returns to this language as the first translation of the Bible from the Hebrew language, which made it a kiss for the students of No knowledge.


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