The largest ancient castle in the world

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Malbork Castle

Built in Poland in the middle centuries (the thirteenth century), Malbork Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world, and it is the largest Gothic castle built of red brick. This castle surprisingly survived the war, as it was rebuilt. Partially after the Germans destroyed it in World War II.

The stages of building Malbork Castle

Malbork Castle took its final form after passing through several stages; the first of these stages is the construction of the central castle called the Supreme Castle, which began construction in 1276 AD, and the second stage had started since the castle was expanded, as the central castle was built at the time that Malbork became the capital of the system In 1309 AD, the lower fortress was later built, and then strengthened, and fortified with fortified towers until the castle occupied an area of ​​210,000 square meters.

Malbork Castle became the residence of the Polish kings after the Polish army seized it in 1457 AD during the Thirteen Years’ War, but it turned into a barracks after the Swedes invaded it, and many of its decorations and parts were destroyed, but in the nineteenth century this castle became a subject of interest And protection by the government that was concerned with preserving and protecting it to the extent that the castle appeared as it was six centuries ago.

The importance of Malbork Castle

Malbork Castle is an important historical symbol in Central Europe, as its heritage is rooted in the social awareness of people, and it is a castle with a unique architectural character that shows a wonderful development in mosaics and restoration, in addition to being a symbol, and a memorial to the Tutonic system, besides it is one of the most important manifestations The material witness of the Crusades in Eastern Europe, it is worth noting the importance of this castle in the trade of amber in the past, in addition to its importance at the present time as a wonderful tourist landmark that attracts the attention of the world due to its beautiful design, its motifs, its distinct mosaic, and its ancient history S.


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