The largest buildings in the world

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Global New Century Center

The New Century Global Complex, located in Chengdu, China, is the largest building in the world by area, with an area of ​​1.76 square kilometers. The building was opened in July 2013, and it took 3 years to build it. It is used for multiple purposes; it contains a number of hotels, a dedicated ice skating rink, and a water park that includes an artificial beach estimated at 5 thousand square meters, in addition to a university.

Dubai International Airport Terminal 3

The number three building in Dubai International Airport is the second largest building in the world in terms of area; which is estimated at 1.7 square kilometers. The building is located within Dubai International Airport, and was built by the government, and it was opened in 2008 to be the largest building in the world at that time, It currently ranks second, with a construction cost of $ 4.5 billion, and is used by local airlines and Australian airline, and can accommodate more than 43 million passengers.

House towers

Abraj Al-Bayt in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia occupies the third place in the list of the largest buildings in the world, and its total area is estimated at about 1.5 square kilometers, which is a group consisting of seven skyscrapers located next to the Grand Mosque in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, was opened in 2012 and includes the second clock tower The tallest building in the world after Burj Khalifa with a height of 601 meters, and the complex contains a number of hotels, shopping centers, apartments, and a chapel that can accommodate thousands of worshipers.

Central World Building

Central World, located in Bangkok, Thailand, is the fourth largest building in the world, with an area of ​​1.5 square kilometers. It is an ideal place for shopping, as it contains shops selling clothes of international brands in addition to a number of libraries and music stores. , Which is a good destination for Christmas shopping, and to escape from the heat during the daylight hours.


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