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Malbork Castle in Poland

Malbork Castle is classified as the largest castle in the world in terms of area, and dates back to the thirteenth century, as it witnessed many wars and was not destroyed, taking into account that it has been partially rebuilt, and there are many pillars and angles witnessing the history of Teuton Knights, Polish kings, the division of Poland, and the trade of amber. This castle is located on the banks of the Nougat River, which forms the eastern branch of the Vistula River, and has served as the main headquarters for issuing military orders for more than 150 years.

Features of Malbork Castle

Malbork Castle is famous for its large and impressive size, as nearly five million bricks were used to build it, and it is divided into three parts: the low, middle, and high castle. This castle can also be visited at present and see many of the attractions in it, including a palace Gentlemen, many rooms and towers, in addition to the ability to identify many tools of daily use, weapons, and shields dating back to the medieval found in the castle galleries.

Information about Malbork Castle

The Malbork Castle is a unique architectural work, the way its construction greatly affected the construction of later castles during the Teutonic system, and even Gothic buildings in northeastern Europe. The castle also provides an ideal guide to the development of modern philosophy and expertise in the field of restoration and preservation, and has been preserved As a historical monument, it represents the social, scientific, and artistic system simultaneously.
Malbork Castle has been exposed from the nineteenth century to the present day to many of the restoration works that contributed to the preservation of the present time, and during these restoration works, many artistic and forgotten arts and crafts dating back to the Middle Ages were discovered. The nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, especially after the severe damage caused by World War II.


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