The largest church in the world

المسافرون العرب

The largest church in the world

There are many religious schools of thought around the world, whether they are heavenly or man-made, and there are many followers of every denomination or religion, and until each sect can practice its religious rituals, it is built a temple to be able to perform worship and prayer, and among the heavenly religions on earth there is religion Christianity, which has taken the Church as its home for worship, and the Christian Churches are distinguished by the splendor of its architecture, the luxury of its construction, and the beauty of its paintings on its walls. In this article we will talk about the largest church around the world, where St. Peter’s Basilica was classified as the largest church that exists In the world, where th To an area of ​​15.160 square meters and can accommodate up to 60 thousand Christians.

St. Peter’s Church

St. Peter’s Basilica is located in the city of Rome, specifically in the Vatican, where it was built in the nineteenth century at the time of Emperor Constantine I, and it was called the beginning of the Church of Constantinople in relation to Constantine of course, and the construction of this church continued nearly thirty years, and it took the form of the cross in its structure and formation, The church has gone through several restorative stages over the centuries, due to its fallout 120 years after its establishment, and it was the first restoration process in the twelfth century AD, in addition to the restoration process. There was the idea of ​​expanding the church, which was proposed by Pope Nicolas V, but after his death it was The idea was frozen for three decades, until Pope Julius II came and revived the idea again, and the famous painter Michelangelo was contracted to perform sculptures and decorating the church, and the rename of the church as the Church of Peter is attributed to Simon Peter, who is one of Jesus’ disciples. The twelve, who, according to Christianity, assumed responsibility for the Christians after the crucifixion of Jesus, became the first pope of the cathedral, and it is worth noting that this giant cathedral is located above the shrine of St. Peter.

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Discoveries found in the church

One of the things that was discovered during the excavation, excavation and restoration of this church is that there are many graves and bodies, which were executed, crucified and buried under the church grounds.

The status of the church among Christians

As a result of the association of the name of the Church with St. Peter and as a result of its construction over his shrine, this made it have a religious importance for Christians, as it is considered a religious shrine to which Christians around the world pilgrimage to light candles and prayers, and is also considered a tourist landmark for those who want to enjoy the beauty of the porticos and drawings on the walls and domes of the church.

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