The largest city in Africa

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Cairo is the largest city in Africa

Africa is the second largest continent in the world after Asia, and the continent is distinguished by the presence of large quantities of undiscovered natural resources that are the most important reserve for the world in the modern era. Africa is also the first homeland according to anthropologists who discovered through excavations the existence of the oldest traces of man on Earth In East Africa, it is characterized by its climate diversity that extends from the northern temperate zone to the southern temperate region through the tropical and tropical regions in the middle, however, all the countries of the African continent are among the third world countries; Long periods of colonialism and lack of development, and this did not prevent the presence of a number of large cities characterized by permanent movement and distinguished commercial location, and the largest city on the continent, Cairo, the capital of Egypt, located on the Nile River.

Cairo city

Population and location

The population of the city of Cairo and its suburbs, which represent what is known as Greater Cairo, is more than twenty million, constituting nearly a quarter of the population of Egypt, and despite the fact that the main city is small in size, it includes other cities such as Giza, Helwan and Shubra al-Khaimah, and the origin of the building of Cairo is due to Amr Bin Al-Aas, who founded the city of Fustat in the year 20 of migration, and since then there have been many expansions of the city, because it is the capital and administrative center of Egypt more than a thousand years ago, and the city was built between the branches of the Nile Delta, and expanded west in the modern era during the period of Khedive Ismail To build what is known as Cairo The Khedive was modeled on the city of Paris itself, and after that expansion came east during the era of Gamal Abdel Nasser, establishing Nasr City, one of the largest districts of present-day Cairo.


As Cairo is the administrative and residential center for Egypt, it has become the main headquarters for Egyptian and foreign factories and commercial companies, where there is a majority of Egyptian factories in Helwan, south of Cairo, and in the heart of the city there are many commercial companies that work in the Egyptian Stock Exchange, which made the Egyptian state’s economic progress related to the image Directly on the progress of Cairo and its degree of well-being, and in the financial sector, the city embraces many headquarters of the major banks, regional organizations and centers hosting regional and international conferences, the most important of which are OPEC meetings.

Cultural life

Most aspects of cultural and artistic life are concentrated in Cairo, including photography studios, theaters and TV channels. Although Arabic is the official language in Egypt, the colloquial dialect is the basis in the arts industry in the city, which led to the ease of spreading that dialect in Arab countries and ability On her understanding by non-Egyptians of the spread of Egyptian artwork.


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