The largest city in Asia

المسافرون العرب

Tokyo is the largest city in Asia

Tokyo is the largest city in the Asian continent by population, and it is the most densely populated urban area in the world; it is the center of culture, finance, and the Japanese government, as well as the primary center for transportation and communications, and an economic and industrial center at the world level, in addition to a number A large number of educational institutions with a high level of education in them, as there are the largest number of universities in Japan, and major Tokyo includes the following four provinces: Tokyo, Sitaima, Kanagawa, and Chiba.
Tokyo is located on the Pacific Ocean, on the eastern side of the Honshu coast and is the largest of the four main islands that make up the country of Japan, and the population of Tokyo is about 38.2 million people.

Climate in Tokyo

The climate of Tokyo is known as mild in the winter, hot and humid in the summer, in addition to the presence of a rainy season in the early summer and early fall seasons, as sometimes two or three typhoons occur during the months of September and October.

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Other information about the city of Tokyo

Other information about Tokyo includes:

  • The presence of museums covering every period of art history in Japan.
  • The presence of high-end and famous restaurants, in addition to the presence of the most famous professional chefs.
  • The Tokyo Metropolis government consists of 26 departments, 26 cities, 7 towns, and 8 villages.
  • The presence of the Tokyo Central Railway Station for all Japan.
  • The city of Tokyo is characterized by the presence of the Imperial Palace, which is the home and residence of the Emperor of Japan, which is located in the city center, surrounded by a group of stone trenches, in addition to large gardens.

* The former name of Tokyo is Edo, and this name continued to be used until 1868 AD, which is the capital of the State of Japan, located on the Bay of Tokyo.

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