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The city of London is the capital of the United Kingdom or Great Britain, one of the most important cities on the face of the globe. Around London, each museum has a specific aspect.

London not only contains the legacy; in addition, it contains modern technology that stands out in its buildings and streets, and which gives London the heritage of London a unique aspect of urbanization in the world.

Geography of London

London is the economic and tourist destination and the economic power in the United Kingdom, also called the city of fog because of its foggy weather, which is characterized by cold weather, and because of the city’s continuous movement, which creates fog in the city that does not sleep. London is located in the southeast of England, with a population of approximately 6 million people, and an area of ​​approximately 1,572 square kilometers.

The famous Thames River, which crosses more than one city on its way, passes in London, and the length of the river is approximately 346 km, which is the longest river in England, and the second river in length in Britain. This river originates from the Gloucestershire and its estuary is in the North Sea.

London is considered the main destination for study in many regions of the world, because it contains the well-developed universities, and in London the important advanced hospitals that many seek treatment due to the development of medical and health services in them, and Samuel Johnson described it as a city that cannot be tired of it even if it is tired of life itself.

London attractions

  • The Thames River: It is called a meeting place for intellectuals, artists, and writers. The banks of the river contain many cafes, and the river has flood barriers that operate automatically, fearing the flow of money to the city.
  • Big Ben Tower: The tower contains the famous Big Ben, which is a large international clock, and is the center of World Time for Greenwich, and it ticks every hour and listens to all parts of London.
  • The British Museum: It is the largest museum in the world, and it was called the British Museum, because it contains millions of artifacts collected throughout history, and it includes the National Museum, the Science Museum, the Natural Museum and the Victoria Museum.
  • Piccadilly Circus: It is a square that houses many literary and entertainment cafes and restaurants, and contains Shakespeare Square.
  • Buckingham Palace: It is the most famous palace of British kings, and it is a grand and grand palace inhabited by any king who crowned the rule of Britain.

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