The largest city of Benin

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Cotonou is the largest city in the Republic of Benin, and one of the most crowded in terms of population, with a population of 780,000 people, according to statistics in 2020 AD, located between the Atlantic Ocean and Lake Nokoy in the southeastern part of the country, and is considered the seat of government and the economic center in The country has many important buildings, such as the Cotonou stadium, Anseen Boon Bridge, the Central Cotonou Mosque and the Dantokpa market, in addition to the port of Cotonou, which is one of the most important ports in West Africa, and the Cotonou International Airport that connects the city with the main capitals in the region and France .

Abomey Calafi

The city of Abomey-Calavi is considered one of the big cities of Benin, with a population of 385,755 people, according to statistics in 2020 AD, and is considered the largest city in the Atlantic Ocean, and this city is located in the Atlantic Ocean between latitude 6.45 degrees and longitude 2.36 degrees, eleven meters above sea level.

Porto Novo

Porto-Novo is one of the largest cities in Benin, with an area of ​​110 square kilometers, and a population of 234.168 people, according to statistics in 2020, and represents the capital of Benin, located on the Gulf of Guinea in the west of the African continent, and is determined Its location is on a coastal lake in the far southeastern part of the country, and the establishment of the city dates back to probably the late sixteenth century, and it is indicated that it is the seat of the country’s national legislative authority.

Big cities in Benin

There are many big cities in Benin, including:

  • Barraco: Barraco is the largest city in eastern Benin, and the capital of Borgo Province.
  • Candy: Kandy has a population of 149,900 people.
  • Natingingo: The city of Netengo has a population of approximately 119,900.
  • Lucosa: The city of Lucosa has a population of 111,000.
  • Ueda: Ueda has a population of about 97,000.
  • Djogo: Djogo is classified among the large cities of Benin, and it is the largest city in the northwestern part of Benin, and its population according to statistics in 2020 is approximately 237,040 people.


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