The largest game city in the world

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There are very many game cities in the world, but there are some cities with media and tourist fame that deserve mention, and are on the global tourism agenda, and many people travel to them to enjoy the entertainment, games and entertainment they contain, and we mention from these cities:

Disneyland is the largest game city in the world

Disneyland is considered the largest game and amusement park in the world, and this city is located in Japan, Hong Kong, France, and California in America, and Disneyland was first opened in California in 1955, it is a city belonging to the Walt Disney Company in America, visited by a huge number every day So people are usually crowded with people of all ages and ethnicities.

Disneyland features:

  • It is very famous for its luxurious restaurants and cafes of international renown.
  • Mother of many pioneers and tourists from all over the world, because it contains the most famous and the latest games and modern and classic entertainment.
  • The city administration allows food and beverages to be entered with visitors and tourists.
  • Dotted with several photo studios, and taking souvenir photos in wonderful modern and classic ways.
  • It has a scenic garden where you can relax and sit.
  • Many directors use it to shoot movies.


It is a city of games and entertainment that was established in South Korea, was opened in 1976, it is one of the high-tech and huge games cities with several buildings, cinemas abound in addition to regular games and cabarets, as there is a race for cars and children’s and youth camps, and you can swim there because Several swimming pools, and also contain the most famous international restaurants with famous brands, and there is also a zoo that contains many animals and birds, especially rare ones.

Everland features:

  • It is frequented by pioneers and visitors because of the stunning natural and aesthetic landscapes, in addition to several swimming pools and swimming pools for all ages.
  • The role of art galleries abounds in them.
  • It has a children’s zoo.
  • It has many American and international games and adventures.
  • It features a military show called (Moonlight) every day.

Ferrari world

A game city located in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, Ferrari World was opened in 2010, located under one roof which makes it the largest indoor city, and there are shops, bike races, cars, cafes, Italian, American and French restaurants that became more popular with the Dubai Shopping Festival fame.

Ferrari World features:

  • Pioneers visit this city, as it is a city of games and shopping under one roof.
  • It contains shops, as it has the largest Ferrari store in the world.
  • In the city there are cafes and restaurants, especially Italian restaurants.
  • On this city there are water games and races on the water.
  • The largest driving school for children has been established in this city.

Ocean park

A garden in Hong Kong in China that opened in 1977, contains a museum of animals in addition to the wonderful games, and distinguished performances, which distinguishes them that they provide all elements of public safety to maintain the safety of their visitors, and everyone who wants to visit must visit the water environment to enjoy it.

Ocean Park features:

  • This park contains Australian and Asian animals which leads to visit and enjoy seeing and seeing what they contain.
  • Tours run down the ocean to see fish, whales, etc.
  • It can accommodate many green gardens, places to relax and meditate.
  • It is distinguished by the presence of many restaurants of all international brands.
  • There are many festivals and loud parties for many international singers.
  • It is famous for having a water city where it is characterized by fun and modern water games.

Via Land

Via Land is located in Istanbul, Turkey, where there is a city of games and adventures for children and youth, a large shopping center for all the family, and a center of entertainment and shows, which makes the pioneers of this city do not feel bored, as there are theaters and halls for concerts and art shows throughout the year.

Via Land Advantages:

  • It has the largest open-air mall.
  • It is characterized by holding parties on most days of the year.
  • Quotations are acceptable for games and merchandise in the city’s mall.
  • It contains a set of imaginative and dangerous games.

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