The largest island in the world before the discovery of Australia

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Greenland Island is the second largest island

Greenland is considered the largest island in the world before the discovery of Australia, and the meaning of its name in the Greenland language is the land of people, and in the Danish language the green land, its capital is the city of Knock, and the system of government in it is a parliamentary and democratic constitutional monarchy, and its land area is 2.166.086 million square kilometers, and the island is linked historically Politically, the continent of Europe, especially the state of Denmark, Norway, and Iceland, while linked geographically to the continent of North America.

Location and terrain

Greenland Island is located geographically in the Arctic, north of the Atlantic Ocean, and northeastern Canada, it is about 16 km from Canada, and it is bordered to the northeast by the waters of the Greenland Sea, and bounded on the northwest by the waters of the Narris Strait, and bounded on the west by the waters of Gulf Art It is bordered on the southwest by the waters of the Davis Strait, and on the south by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the waters of the Labrador Sea, and on the southeastern border by the waters of the Strait of Denmark, and Greenland has some of the terrain, it is based on a plateau, surrounded by coastal mountains, such as a mountain Gugbjorn, and some thousands of islands that are away from a Beach, the inner valleys between the icebergs.

the climate

The climate of Greenland Island is very cold, but since the beginning of the twentieth century it has started to tend to warm, and is characterized by the accumulation of snow and ice in most of the times of the year.

Administrative division

Greenland Island is divided into four administrative divisions:

  • Kulgalk, and its land area is thirty-two thousand square kilometers.
  • Kasutsub, with a land area of ​​six hundred and sixty thousand square kilometers.
  • Kikata, with an area of ​​one hundred and fifteen thousand square kilometers.
  • Sermersooq, with a land area of ​​six hundred and thirty five thousand square kilometers.


The population of Greenland Island is 57,564 thousand people, according to statistics of 2008, and the population is a mixture of Eskimos, Danes, and Inuit. The population speaks the Greenlandian language, which is the official language on the island since 2009, although the Greenlandian and Danish languages ​​have been the main languages ​​since In the year 1979 AD, the population condemns the Protestant Lutheran religion.


  • The economy of Greenland Island depends on the thick wealth, as it is the largest source of income in the island, as it is based on the export of all types of fish and derivatives.
  • In recent years I have started exploration for gas and oil.
  • It works in the hydrocarbon industries.
  • It works in extracting minerals such as aluminum, copper, nickel, platinum, uranium and tungsten.
  • Denmark pays half of the island’s government income.

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