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the library

The library is generally considered a set of sources of knowledge which includes books, periodicals, manuscripts and other sources, and sometimes the library is academic; that is, it is available to a specific group of people with specific academic specializations or it is a public library, i.e. it is available to people in general, to view its various sources within The boundaries of the library building or to borrow those resources for a specified period of time and then return them.

The largest library in the world

The American Library of Congress is the largest library in the world, and it is the oldest federal cultural institution in the United States of America, which is a research library belonging to Congress but also works as a national public library, and the library consists of three buildings located in the American capital, Washington, DC. The Library of Congress is the largest in size, but the largest library in terms of the collection of books and literature is the British Library. The Library of Congress contains a large and varied collection of topics from books from all over the world, in more than four hundred and fifty different languages, after it started as a library Jealous and humble, but it has grown steadily in size and importance after the American Civil War in 1865 AD, and this started with literature inside the United States and then Britain and then the English-speaking countries and then the rest of the countries, and the library was used for members of Congress and government officials and then It became available to the general public.

Library of Congress System

The Library of Congress does not rely on the Dewey Decimal System for classifying and arranging books, but it has devised its own classification system, the Library of Congress Classification System, which is the system used by most libraries in the United States of America and in several other countries, but in most libraries around the world Whether academic libraries or public libraries use the decimal doctrine system for classification, which is the most common system in libraries around the world. The Library of Congress system for taxonomy was invented in 1897 AD by the librarian at the time Herbert Putnam and his purpose of classification at that time was to locate each He repented and author to facilitate the arrangement of books and return them to a place after their transfer. The library was at the first in New York State before being transferred to Washington, DC, and he worked on developing and improving this system throughout his work in the library until he left it in 1939 AD, but he was lacking in topics of philosophy And religion and law, and work was done later in the years to develop and add books of philosophy, religion and law to the Library of Congress classification until it is in its current form today.

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