The largest Moroccan city

المسافرون العرب

White House

Casablanca is the largest Moroccan city, with a population of about 3,359,818 people, and its roots go back to the seventh century AD, when the Berber tribe made it its capital. The Portuguese took control of Casablanca, and named it Casa Branca (English: Casa Branca) In 1575 AD, then the Arabs called it Casablanca, or the White House, after they rebuilt the city after the devastating earthquake that hit it, and Casablanca is known as the economic capital of Morocco, and it is the manufacture of furniture, electronics, glass manufacturing, cigarettes, and fishing , And many other industries.

About Casablanca

Greater Casablanca covers about 1.615 sq km, and it consists of twenty-three urban areas, in addition to six provinces. It is located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, so the city is a major center for maritime and air transport, and it is also the main industrial center in Morocco.

Archaeological sites in the city of Casablanca

There are many archaeological sites in the city of Casablanca, including:

  • Hassan II Mosque: The Hassan II Mosque was built to commemorate the 60th birthday of King Hassan II, and this mosque is located on a clear cliff above the ocean, and contains a minaret of about 210 meters in length.
  • Abdul Rahman Al-Salawi Foundation Museum: It is a house that was specifically established and operated as an attractive museum, with a prominent collection of Moroccan decorative arts.
  • St. John the Evangelical Church: Known as the oldest church still in use in Casablanca, this church was built on a plot of land owned by the British Crown in 1906 AD.
  • clock tower: The height of this tower is about twenty meters, and it is considered one of the most prominent and distinguished landmarks in the middle of the city.

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