The largest museum in Paris

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The Louvre is the largest museum in Paris

The Louvre is the largest museum in Paris and in the world, with an area of ​​about 73 square kilometers, and it is also the most visited museum in the world; it has about 7.4 million visitors annually, and it is located along the banks of the Seine in Paris, and the visitor cannot see all It resided during one visit, due to its large size.
The most famous paintings in this museum are the Mona Lisa, which is covered with bulletproof glass. The visitor is fascinated by the mysterious smile of the woman. It is a small plate with a length of 77 cm and a width of 53 cm.

History of the Louvre

The Louvre is one of the historical monuments in Paris, and part of the Louvre Palace, whose construction dates back to the twelfth century AD, which was at first an ancient castle that turned into a royal residence in 1546 AD, then the palace included two academies of art in 1692 AD during the rule of Louis XIV, and a century later The Louvre has long since opened and has had 537 paintings at the time, and the Louvre currently has about 38,000 artifacts.

Art exhibits at the Louvre

The paintings in the Louvre are among the richest collections of paintings in the world, and they represent all periods of European art until the revolutions of 1848 AD. The Louvre includes the works of Italian Renaissance painters, such as the famous Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci, as well as artworks from Flemishs and Dutch Baroque painters.
The decorative arts section of the Louvre displays the treasures of the French kings, which include bronze, pottery, furnishings, jewelry, and furniture. It includes the Greek, Etruscan, and Roman antiquities section, architecture, sculptures, mosaics, bronzes, jewelry, and pottery. 1826 AD to organize the Egyptian antiquities obtained during the Egyptian Napoleon campaign, and the Antiquities Department includes art pieces from Mesopotamia.


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