The largest oil reserves in the world

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Total oil in Venezuela is estimated at about 300,878 million barrels, which made it classified as the largest country in the world in terms of having the largest oil reserves, and is characterized by its need for less capital or labor intensity to use in the process of extracting oil compared to other countries, especially Canada, As the competing country in North America, this is apart from the fact that the sand oil deposits in both Venezuela and Canada are similar, but the oil sands in Venezuela are less viscous than that of Canadian.


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia occupies two rankings in terms of oil reserves and production, on the one hand it is considered as the second country in the world that has the largest proven reserves of oil, with its reserves close to about 260 billion barrels, and on the other hand it was considered as the largest oil producing country in the world, and that Before the United States of America overcame it in this classification, it provided the world with about 13.24% of its total daily oil consumption.


Canada comes to the third rank among the countries of the world that have the largest oil reserves, and the total proven oil reserves are estimated at about 170 billion barrels, and it is indicated that liquid oil reserves constitute less than 10 billion barrels of them, and given the oil fields in Canada, the largest oil field There is the Hibernia field in the Joan of Arc, which was discovered in 1979, while production began there by 1997, in addition to the Terra Nova and White Rose fields, which are among the most famous fields in it. It is reported that the oil sands deposits in the Athabasca region in the province Alberta is what it supplies The country has the largest portion of the oil reserves there.


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