The largest province in Iraq

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Baghdad is the largest province in Iraq

The capital, Baghdad, is the largest city in terms of population, with a population of 7,180,889 people, and it is classified as the second largest Arab city, and the countries of Asia from the western side after Cairo and Tehran, respectively. It was established in the eighth century AD, and it developed on the cultural, artistic and commercial levels, as well as it controlled the trade routes along the Tigris River, in addition to the water supply in the dry climate, due to its strategic location, which led to its rapid development and growth, and it is indicated that it represents what It represents 40% of the gross domestic product of Iraq.

Baghdad site

Baghdad is located along the Tigris River, at the nearest point to the Euphrates, forty kilometers to the west. The Diyala River joins the Tigris from the southeastern side of the city, with the borders of its eastern suburbs, and is surrounded by sedimentary plains which are flat lands reaching thirty-four meters above sea level .

Climate of Baghdad

Baghdad’s climate is characterized by droughts and high temperatures in summer, cold and high humidity in winter, where average temperatures during the day reach ten degrees Celsius, and may drop to below freezing at times, and for the spring and autumn seasons, despite being fast except Temperatures are appropriate during them, and the precipitation is minimal, reaching 150 milliliters per year, between December and April.

Tourist attractions in Baghdad

Baghdad has many tourist destinations that can be visited, including:

  • Martyr monument: The martyr monument is located on the eastern side of the city center, and is one of the important landmarks in Baghdad.
  • Baghdad Zoo.
  • the National Museum.
  • The Unknown Soldier Monument.


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