The largest source of dates

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The United Arab Emirates

The UAE is the largest country that exports dates, as it controls a third of the international trade in dates, whether in the field of import or export, as it ranked first in terms of export, and second in terms of import in 2009, and its global exports of dates amounted to 33 %, I.e. a quantity of 266 thousand tons.

The leading countries in the production of dates


Egypt is considered the world leader in the field of cultivation and production of dates, as this country produces about 1,084,529 metric tons of dates annually, which is just over 17% of the global production of dates, and only about 3% of global exports, and in 1993 the cultivation of dates increased Palm trees by more than 100%, and currently has about 15,582,000 palm trees, and the total value of date exports is about $ 41.8 million.


Iran comes second after Egypt in the production of dates, as it produces about 947.809 metric tons annually, and despite the high rate of production, it exports about 7.7% of the total global exports, with the majority of its exports going to Asian countries, and India is one of the largest importing countries For dates, where it imports about 16%, Malaysia imports about 11%, and Russia imports 9.9% of exports of Iranian dates.

Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the third largest producer of dates, as it is characterized by the appropriate conditions for the cultivation and growth of dates, and it is indicated that it produces about 836,983 metric tons annually, and the Kingdom exports about 8.8% of the world’s dates, and Jordan is considered one of the main importing dates for dates, importing about 19 %, Yemen imports 17%, while Kuwait imports 15%.
Note: It is worth noting that Europe imports dates from Tunisia and Algeria, and California is the main producer of America. Pakistan, Algeria, Sudan, South Sudan and the Sultanate of Oman are also ranked among the leading countries in producing fresh dates worldwide.


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