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China is the largest tea exporter

The country of China is classified as the most tea producing country in the world. It produced approximately 2,473,443 tons in 2020, which is approximately 30-35% of the total quantity produced in the world. This is in addition to producing many types of tea, including: tea Green, yellow, and white, as well as jasmine tea, oolong tea, and many other types. Tea was introduced as a kind of herb to China by Emperor Shennong in 2737 BC, and it was used in multiple cultural rituals; as medicine, drink, and others .

Tea production areas in China

Tea production in China is more concentrated in specific provinces than others, and these provinces are distinguished from each other by the production of different types of tea; where the production of a particular type is related to some provinces while others are famous for other types of tea, for example different cities in Fujian Province are known Fujian) produces white tea and jasmine tea, while black tea production is concentrated in different areas of Yunnan Province.

Facts about tea in China

The following points touch on some tea facts in China:

  • The Chinese have a strong relationship with tea, which prompted them to make what is known as the official tea ceremony, or kung fu tea.
  • It is common in China to provide a free cup of tea mostly after freeing green tea in hotels, restaurants, public transportation stations and shops.
  • Hot water taps are dispersed to make tea in various places, such as trains, airports, the majority of other public waiting places, and reception areas.

India is the second largest tea producer

The country of India is classified as the second largest tea producing country in the world, producing approximately 1.325,050 tons annually, and it is noteworthy that Britain brought tea from China to India, and the British East India Company began to transfer lands in the eastern Asian colonies to produce tea, India produces large quantities of it; more than one billion people consume it, meaning that more than 70% of the tea produced is consumed within the country rather than exported.


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