The largest theme park in Istanbul

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Vialand is the largest theme park in Istanbul

Vialand is the first entertainment option for many Turkish families and tourists coming to Istanbul, because it is the largest and most expensive amusement park in Istanbul, and Vialand is located in the Yeshil Pinar area, adjacent to the Ayoub region, where it was opened in 2013 for the birth of an area of ​​600 thousand m 2, which is what Approximately one hundred soccer fields.

As for the cost of its establishment, it reached more than one billion and one hundred and fifty million Turkish liras, and the city of Vialand was designed in a manner similar to a large extent from Disneyland as a theme park in the first place in addition to the various secondary services provided to its visitors.

Vialand sections

Amusement park

It opens all days of the week, as its activities continue from Monday to Friday from ten in the morning until six o’clock at night, and on Saturdays and Sundays its activities extend until eight o’clock at night, with the exception of the month of Ramadan, where its doors open from twelve o’clock until midnight, and pioneers can Theme park Get a ticket that enables them to enter all games without exception, and the theme park includes several sections, including the legends section, games section and adventure section.

Shopping Center

The shopping center consists of 250 shops near each other in the open air, which provides families and children the pleasure of shopping with the fun of playing and entertaining at the same time. The shopping center also contains ATM systems and a sewing center to enable the pioneers to repair their clothes if they are damaged during play, and opens The shopping center is open from ten in the morning until ten at night

Other sections

  • Show and Amusement Center: Provides several concerts and theatrical and entertainment shows throughout the summer.
  • Cinema: You screen Turkish films and other international films.

The services provided by Vialand

  • Car park, which includes a car cleaning and washing service, and specialized parking staff is available and delivered to Vialand pioneers in order to save their time.
  • The chapel: It includes two chapels dedicated to women and one for men.
  • Medical clinic: It includes a specialized medical staff that welcomes Vialand pioneers throughout the day.
  • Toilets: which are spread in various sections of Vialand.
  • Wheelchairs: wheelchairs, other elderly people and children can ride their own carts and chairs and move around in various parts of Vialand.
  • It requested free transportation for the pioneers: due to the large area of ​​Vialand, the administration has provided transportation throughout the day, free of charge, to transport Vialand pioneers between its various departments.

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