It may be a nightmare for many travelers who complain about this stage, but it is not necessarily the case that packing travel bags is a nightmare. .

What are the 7 best travel tips for your luggage as a travel professional?

1- Make a list

If you prepare a list in advance of the things that you will need during travel, this will save you time, nervousness, and urgent matters at the last minute! Keep this list with you even during travel, to amend it during the experiences that you will practice and thus you will later get the perfect list.

2- Safety first!

Assign a pre-defined place to photocopies of your passport or identity card to put it in the bag and always remember where you put them. Also copy copies and deliver them to a friend or family member in your country of origin. This saves great effort and time if the bag is lost or stolen.

Tips for those traveling on a business trip for the first time

3- Wear heavy clothes!

It may sound wavy or strange, but experiences indicate that mountaineering shoes and coats must be worn, not packaged … As a general rule if this piece of clothing can be worn, do so!

4- Plan your looks

Often times we have drawn up a plan of what we will do during travel, so it is advised to pack clothes on this basis. Why not put what you want to appear in front of you on the bed? The vision helps to think twice if you are going to wear what you will really show or not, and also make sure to take advantage of the pieces that will travel with you more than once, if that is possible.

5- Save space with these tricks

It is useful to wrap cotton clothes on each other to get more space, and this also facilitates ironing the clothes when you want to use them. Put in the little things like socks, phone chargers and more inside the shoes to save a lot of space!

This is how you keep your things during flights

6- These bags are necessary

The zipper bags are the best way to store the fluids you need and use similar bags to pack any connections you need. And do not forget to put a plastic bag to put dirty clothes in it.

7- Do a review

An important final step that will benefit you in subsequent trips is to review what you used and what you did not even look at, despite the fact that you put him in his bag. On this basis, amend your list to make it easier and better for the next time.

Enjoyable travel!

Intelligent packing of your travel bag
Intelligent packing of your travel bag

Tips for packing your bag

Tips for packing your bag

An example of ziploc bags for fluid storage
An example of ziploc bags for fluid storage

The perfect packaging for your bag
The perfect packaging for your bag

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