The latest events in Dubai 2020

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The most recent events in Dubai is one of the things that cannot be determined due to the huge number of different events that are organized in Dubai especially with the increasing tourist turnout and the interest of management of all tourist attractions, shopping centers, and major clubs to organize sparkling events to attract more tourists; but despite It is difficult to define a list of all the distinguished events that will be organized in the coming period in Dubai; however, Arab travelers chose for you a distinguished set of various activities and provided you with the most important information in the current article.

The latest events in Dubai

Shopping festival

  • Extended until the first of February 2020.
  • Participation provides an opportunity to combine shopping fun with many exciting shows.
  • Buying products through participation in it enables to acquire the best types of products with the least possible hair, due to the large number of special offers offered by all participating stores.
  • Participants can win big prizes due to the large and brilliant clouds presented during its time.
  • One of the most suitable events to spend an unforgettable time with family or friends.

Kite Festival

  • It is to be held near Al Mamres Park near the beach and runs until January 17, 2020.
  • It provides the opportunity to spend quality time while raising awareness about the traditions of the countries of South Asia.
  • One of the best festivals to savor the most delicious kinds of snacks and refreshing drinks while enjoying watching kites.
  • Being there can capture a number of the finest pictures because of its distinctive location and the variety of activities that take place in it.
  • The regular ticket fee for participation in the event is AED 20, while the ticket fee for VIPs is estimated at AED 50.
  • The time to enjoy sharing spans between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m.
  • The phone number for communicating with the organizers is +971 4 457 3212.
  • Tickets are booked online via the festival’s official website, which is located at No. 6 from the current article sources.

Camel race

  • One of the traditional activities in Dubai, where the history of the start of the race dates back to several centuries.
  • It will be held during the 15 and 16 of this month, in the field of Marmum, near the heritage village of Marmum.
  • Participation in it is free.
  • 60 hybrids participate, each with a number on it, and is crowned with accessories that are distinctive in design and appearance.
  • Participants enjoy seeing camels racing for 4 to 6 kilometers.
  • To find out more information about him, you can contact the organizers via the following phone number: +971 4 832 6526.

Dubai World Cup carnival

  • Its date is the 16th of the current month.
  • It is organized in the racetrack equipped with the latest standards in horse racing areas worldwide.
  • It is one of the favorite events for those interested in knight races.
  • Participated in a number of the finest and most skilled types of horses in the world.
  • Overlooked by a number of distinctive restaurants, allowing the opportunity to enjoy delicious cuisine while enjoying watching the race.
  • Despite its distinction, enjoying it does not require paying any fees.
  • If you have any questions regarding the carnival, you can contact those responsible for organizing it through the following phone number: +971 4 327 0000.

Fishing competition

  • Organized at Dubai International Marine Sports Club.
  • Its organization date is the 18th of the current month.
  • It is a unique activity for fishing lovers from all over the world.
  • Although its organization started in the year 2020, it is becoming very popular and growing.
  • The phone number for communicating with its organizers is +971 4 399 5777.

Dubai Marine Sports Club races

  • The first round of the sailing ship race is on the 16th of this month, while the second round is held on the 28th of the same month.
  • Water scooters tournament on the 25th of this month.
  • Standing rowing boat championship on March 21.
  • The Boards Championship takes place on February 8.

Omega Dubai Golf Championship

  • It attracts the most talented golfers from all over the world and is the best event for golf enthusiasts.
  • The Emirates Golf Club is organized between January 23 and 26.
  • To contact one of the officials responsible for organizing them, all you have to do is ask for the following number: +971 4 383 3580.
  • Attendance fee is AED 1.125.
  • The time available to enjoy watching it runs between 11 noon and 6 pm.

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