The location and dates of the zoo in Dubai and entry prices

المسافرون العرب

We are talking to you, dear reader, during our article today from Arab travelers about the zoo in Dubai, as it is one of the entertainment places visited by many citizens, as this city is considered a global tourist destination, and thousands of visitors travel to it, it has become the fourth in the world as the most cities in number of visits.
The city of Dubai possesses a lot of tourist attractions, where you find parks, parks, picturesque beaches, upscale hotels, international shopping centers, and of course no one goes there, and does not visit the Burj Khalifa, which stands tall in Dubai, and is the tallest and tallest building in the world .
In addition to the above, we find that Dubai enjoys water parks, places for skiing, and other recreational activities, and we will focus during the following lines on the zoo that is located there, so we continued.

Dubai Zoo

It is one of the oldest zoos that existed in the Arabian Peninsula, and was built for the first time in 1967 AD, by order of the late Sheikh Rashid bin Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, and it provides animals with an appropriate environment for them, and also preserves the animals threatened with extinction, and gives them more care and attention. This park was closed in 2020 AD, and all animals moved to a safari park in Dubai, and the environment for animals became more extensive, providing more comfort for all animals and birds.
It covers an area of ​​about 75.1 hectares, and this park contributes to environmental protection and wildlife conservation.
And you find more than 230 different types of animals between birds, mammals, reptiles, and also fish, it includes a large variety of animals, among them the Arab wolf, tigers, deer, monkeys, giraffes, and predatory animals such as bears, tigers, hyenas, in addition to There are a number of endangered animals, and also includes 400 varieties of turtles, reptiles, and others.
As for birds, they include ostriches, peacocks, budgies, hawks, and others.
It provides a suitable atmosphere and environment for birds and various animals, and has an integrated team with experience in dealing with the animal world.
And those responsible for the park are keen on cleaning the place on a daily basis from all animal waste, as well as visitors.

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Place of the garden

It is only three minutes away from Dubai city center, and you can reach it by your vehicle, or by taxi ride, as the internal train does not pass this station.
It is located on Jumeirah Beach Road – Jumeirah 1 District – near Mercato Shopping Center – Dubai City.
You can contact the officials of this park on 043496444

Zoo times in Dubai

You can go to it on weekdays, except for Tuesday, as it is the park’s weekend.
It receives visitors in the summer from ten in the morning, until six in the evening.
As for the winter season, you can go to it with your family from ten in the morning until five thirty in the evening.

Zoo prices in Dubai

We find that its entry prices are very cheap, as it reaches about three dirhams for adults, who are over two years old, and for children below that, it is entered free of charge.
There are other tickets that you will have to pay when you want to enter one of the four villages in the park, which is AED 85 for adults, and AED 30 for children.
Subsequently, we will provide you with more information about the Safari Park in Dubai, through another article by Arab travelers, so follow us.

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