Hundreds of rivers and their tributaries flow all over the world, it has always been the medium used for transportation and travel from one place to another, some today are still used for navigation, and some have become a group of dams that impede navigation in it, and some are still an adventure to explore wild and river life and monitor Birds and even ancient human life like the Amazon … we’ll highlight here The longest and most famous rivers of the world, And we give a brief description of each of them, then we get to know the longest rivers in each continent, the Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe and Australia.
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The longest and most famous river in the world

Holiday-brazil-river-amazon_longest-rivers-in-the-world_558269542_1000x750Amazon with its rainforests and its network collapsed
There are always differences in the true length of most of the long rivers in the world due to the difficulty in determining these numbers with the large tributaries and sources and places of flow, but it is currently known that the longest river in the world is the Nile, while the Amazon is the most flowing water.
1. The Nile RiverIt is the longest river in the world and extends along 6650 km. When calculating the Nile River with its tributary Kagera, the total length reaches 6853 km. The two main tributaries are the White Nile from Lake Victoria and the Blue Nile from Ethiopia, which meet in Khartoum. It passes through 11 countries and empties into the Mediterranean Sea.
2. The Amazon River, Its length is about 6437 km, and when calculating the Amazon-Okayali-Apurimac total length reaches 6992 km to become the length in the world instead of the Nile, most of its water originates from the Andes Mountains and lakes rainforest in the Amazon basin, it crosses the lands of Peru, Brazil, Colombia and in its possession many secrets even It reaches the Atlantic Ocean.
3. Yangtze RiverAlso known as Zhang Jiang in the Chinese language, it is the third longest river in the world and the first in the continent of Asia, originating from the Tungola Mountains in the Tibet Autonomous Region and its waters cut from China from the west to the east with a distance of up to 6300 km, until it empties into the North China Sea.
4. The Mississippi RiverThe total length of the Mississippi-Missouri rivers is 6236 km, which is the most famous river in the United States and the largest in North America, flowing from the northwest of Minnesota in the south to the Gulf of Mexico at New Orleans, and from its main tributaries, the Missouri and Ohio rivers.
5. Yenisei-Angara-Seeling RiverThe length of the Yansi River in Russia is more than 4,090 km, and with its tributaries the Angara and Seeling River the length reaches 5,539 km, making it the fifth longest river in the world, with water flowing mainly in Russia by 97 percent, and the rest in Mongolia, and flowing into the northern ocean Freezing.
Holiday-Me_China_Canyon-River-Zero_655982779_1000 x 750
The Yellow River Canyon … the second longest river in China and the fifth in the world
6. The Yellow RiverAlso known as Huang Hu, it is also located in China to form its second longest river with 5464 km. It is the second Chinese river on the list of the longest and most famous rivers in the world. Its water originates from the Biankala Mountains in western China and flows from west to east through Inner Mongolia to flow into The Bohai Sea in the northeast.
7- Ob-Irtysh RiverIt is considered a tributary to the Ob River, and therefore, their combined account reaches a single river with a length of 5410 km located in Western Siberia and passes through the Chinese, Kazakh, Russian and Mongolian lands, and Artich flows into the Obi River, which will be dumped in the Kara Sea on the Arctic Northern Ocean.
8- Parana RiverIts name means “like the sea”, which is almost also at the mouth, it is considered the second longest river in South America and extends along 4880 km in South America, and its waters flow through the lands of Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia and Uruguay before they flow into the Atlantic Ocean at Rio de la Plata.
9. The Congo RiverWe return to Africa, where this river stretches for 4,700 kilometers and flows into the Atlantic Ocean, also known as the River Zaire, in addition to being ranked the ninth longest and most famous river in the world and passes through a large group of countries, it is also the deepest river in the world with a depth of up to 720 Meters and the third most flowing river.
10. The Amur River – Arjun, It is also called (Heilongjiang) located on the Asian continent and it extends along 4444 km divided between matters with a length of 2824 km and its great tributary is the Aragon River with a length of 1961 km. It forms a natural border between the Far East and northeastern China until it empties into the Sea of ​​Okhotsk on the northern Pacific Ocean.
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The longest rivers in the world by continents

The longest rivers in Africa

Holiday-Mai_Egypt_Egypt_Longest -Riverside -Nile_Weather-Rivers-The World_665374996_1000 x 750Luxor, Nile River, the longest river in Africa and the world
1. The Nile River6853 km, the father of the African rivers is considered by the Encyclopedia Britannica, and passes through 11 countries: Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Egypt, Democratic Republic of the Congo and South Sudan.
2. Congo RiverIt is 4,700 km long, and it is known as the Zaire River and it is the deepest river in the world with more than 720 meters. It flows through the territories of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Central Africa, Angola, the Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, Cameroon, Zambia, Burundi and Rwanda.
3. Niger River4180 km, is the main river in West Africa, runs through Mali, Nigeria, Benin, Niger and Guinea.
4. The White NileIt is one of the tributaries of the Nile River, 3700 km. It flows through 6 countries, Sudan, South Sudan, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
5. Zambezi River2574 km, it is the longest river flowing east to Africa in the Indian Ocean, flowing from Zambia and eight different countries and passing through the world’s largest Victoria Falls.
6. The Orange River2,200 kilometers, the longest in South Africa, its waters begin to flow from Lesotho to the Atlantic Ocean.
7. Kasai River, 2,163 km, tributary of the Congo River, which serves as the border between Angola and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
8. Lualaba River, 1800 km, the largest source of water in the Congo River, is located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
9. The Senegal River, 1790 km, is located in West Africa and forms the border between Senegal and Mauritania.
10. Limpopo River1750 km, is the second largest river to flow eastward, separating South Africa from Zimbabwe and Botswana.

The longest rivers in Asia

Holiday-Me_China_Yangtze River_longest-rivers-Asia_155995319_1000x750The Yangtze River in China is the longest river in Asia and the third longest river in the world
1. Yangtze River6300 km, also known as Zhang Jiang, is the third longest river in the world and cuts China from west to east as it originates from the Tibetan mountains and empties into the North China Sea.
2. The Yellow River (Huang Hu), 5464 km, is also located in China and is the second longest river, originating from the Biankala Mountains and flowing into the Bohai Sea in northeast China.
3. Mekong River, 4909 km, is the longest river in southeastern Xian and runs through the territories of China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam Where it flows through the Mekong Delta in the South China Sea (tour of the Mekong River).
4. Lina River, 4400 km, is the longest river in eastern Siberia, originates from the Baikal Mountains and has many tributaries and flows into the Laptev Sea on the frozen northern ocean.
5. Irtysh River, 4,248 km, another river in Western Siberia is the left tributary of the Obi River and passes through China, Kazakhstan and Russia.
6. The Yenisei River, 4,090 km, originates from the Russian Sian Mountains and from Khoopsugul Lake in Mongolia and flows into the frozen northern ocean crossing Russia (Western Siberia) from south to north.
7. The Obi River, 3650 km, the third largest river in Western Siberia, stems from the Altai Mountains where the lands of Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China converge and flow through the lands of those countries, and flows into the Kara Sea on the northern ocean.
8. Tunguska River, 2989 km, also passes through Siberia through the Irkutsk and Krasnoyarsk Krai regions of the Russian Federation.
9. The Indus River, 2,900 kilometers, is the longest in Pakistan and the Indian subcontinent, stems from Tibet and the Himalayas to flow into the Arabian Sea through a wide delta.
10. The Brahmaputra River, 2,900 km, originates in the Tibet region of China and passes through the Himalayas, India and Bangladesh before emptying into the Ganges Delta with the Padma River and the Ganges River.

Europe’s longest river

Holiday-me_Russia_city -Samara_ river-Volga -the longest-river-in-Europe_261026270_1000x750Russian city of Samara, when the Volga River freezes in winter
1. The Volga3692 km, since Europe has no name in the top ten in the list of the longest and most famous rivers in the world, the Volga is the longest in Europe and the most flowing and flows into the Caspian Sea after passing through the territories of the Russian Federation and Central Asian countries.
2. The Danube, 2860 km, is the longest river in the European Union, empties of the Black Forest in Germany and crosses many European capitals in Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Serbia, until it empties into the Black Sea at the Danube Delta shared by Romenia, Moldova and Ukraine (river tour in Budapest).
3. Ural RiverIt separates the Asian and European continents, originating in the Ural Mountains, crosses the Russian and Kazakh lands and flows into the Caspian Sea.
4. The Dnieper River, 2,290 km, originates from the Russian Highlands of Valaday and empties into the Black Sea on the coast of Ukraine.
5. River Don, 1950 km, originates in the Russian province of Tula and flows into the Azov Sea north of the Black Sea.
6. The Bechora River, 1809 km, is also located in Russia, but in the northwest, where it originates from the Ural Mountains empties into the Barents Sea on the Arctic Ocean.
7. Kama River, 1805 km, is one of the tributaries of the Volga in the Republic of Udmurtia and meets the Volga in Russia’s Tatarstan.
8. The Visegda-Dvina North River, 1774 km, drains into the Gulf of Dvina, and it has many tributaries, the most important of which are Vishgida, Faga and Banega.
9. Kura River, 1515 km, originates from the northeast of Turkey and passes through Tbilisi, capital of Georgia, then Azerbaijan to flow into the Caspian Sea, south of the capital Baku (See: Caucasus Mountains: historical monuments, customs and traditions).
10. The Oka River, 1500 km, from the tributaries of the Volga and is going on in the Russian lands until it pours into the waters of the Great Huner that flows into the Caspian Sea.

The longest river in South America

Holiday -May_Brazil_River_Amazon_Longest-Rivers-South-America_650491267-1000x750The dolphin in the Amazon River is full of wonders and the longest river in the continent of America
1. the amazon river, About 6,437 km, most of its water originates from the Andes and rainforests, passing through Peru, Brazil and Colombia to flow into the Atlantic Ocean.
2- Parana River, 4,880 km, is the guarantor of the world’s longest and most famous river, whose waters run through Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina, flowing into the Atlantic Ocean.
3. Tocantins River, About 3,650 kilometers, there is a difference in length, but it remains the third longest river in South America, its water sources from the mountainous region of Perinius in Brazil and flow in the Atlantic Ocean to the side of the Amazon River.
4. Madeira, 3380 km, is the first and main tributary among the tributaries of the Amazon River, its waters come from the Madre de Dios and Mamore rivers to flow into the Amazon River, after cutting off the territories of Bolivia and Brazil.
5. The Rio São Francisco River, 2914 km, a massive river flows through the eastern region from Mount Canastra in Brazil to reach the end of his trip to the Atlantic Ocean.
6. Paraguay River, 2,621 km, flows through the southern central region of the continent, its headwaters are located in Mato Grasso, Brazil, passing through Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina and flowing into the Parana River.
7. Yabura River2615 km, located in the Amazon basin and is one of its tributaries, runs through Colombia and Brazil to join the Amazon River.
8. Negro River2250 km, one of the largest tributaries of the great Amazon, originates from Colombia and crosses Brazil, Venezuela and Colombia to pour into the Amazon.
9. Orinoco2140 km, famous for its great role in the transportation system of some Venezuelan and Colombian regions, its water originates from Cerro Delgado Shalpod between Brazil and Venezuela and flows to the Amacuru Delta in the Atlantic Ocean.
10. Magdalena River1528 km, is the main river of Colombia and its icon, originates from Lake Magdalena and undertakes a long journey to pour its water into the Caribbean Sea.

North America’s longest rivers

Holiday-MI_United States_Saint-Louis_Rivers_Mississippi_longest-rivers-America_604219583_1000x750St. Louis .. Mississippi and Missouri Riverside Confluence
1. The Mississippi River6236 km (calculated by Mississippi-Missouri), among the longest and most famous rivers in the world flowing from northwestern Minnesota in the south to the Gulf of Mexico at New Orleans, and from its main tributaries, the Missouri and Ohio rivers.
2. McKinsey River, 4,241 km, the longest river in Canada (with its tributaries, Slough, Psi and Finlay) and crosses the Northwest Territories and dozens of lakes before emptying into the Mackenzie Bay and the Beaufort Sea.
3. The Missouri River, 4,023 km, the longest river in the United States and a tributary of the Mississippi, begins to flow south of Montana in the Rocky Mountains, and flows through to the Mississippi River near St. Louis, Missouri.
4. Rio GrandeIt begins 3034 km in the San Juan Mountains, south of Colorado, then flows south through New Mexico to form a natural border between the United States and Mexico until it empties southeast of the Gulf of Mexico.
5. Colorado River, 2333 km, starts from the Rocky Mountains and moves to the southwest after many grooves formed along its winding path to flow into the Gulf of California.
6. Yukon, 2035 km, begins at the southwestern edge of the Yukon Territory of Canada, then flows northwest over the border into Alaska until it empties into the Bering Sea.
7. Columbia River, 1857 km, a river flowing rapidly from the Canadian Rockies to flow south through Washington State and forming the natural boundary between Washington and Oregon until it empties into the Pacific Ocean.
8. Churchill River, 1609 km, is located in central Canada from the heights of northwest Saskatchewan, then flows east to Manitoba, and to Hudson Bay.
9. The Ohio River1569 km, one of the largest tributaries of the Mississippi, and is formed at the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers in Pennsylvania, which forms the natural borders of Ohio with West Virginia and Kentucky, and pours its waters in Mississippi on the borders of the state of Illinois.
10. Fraser River, 1368 km, located in the British Columbia region in Canada, originates from the Canadian Rock Mountains near the Yellowhead Pass, and flows into the Georgia Strait south of Vancouver.

The longest river in Australia and Oceania

Holiday-Me_Australia_Rivers-Murray_664077664_1000x750Fishing on the Murray River … Australia’s longest river
1. the Murray River, 2508 km, is the longest river in Australia that does not have the top ten rivers in the list of the world’s longest and most famous rivers, Murray springs from the Australian Alps and empties into the Indian Ocean at Lake Alexandrina. (Steamboat tour of the Murray River)
2. Morumbedge River With a length of 1485 km, it is a major tributary of Murray and the second longest river in the Australian continent and has many natural and cultural reserves.
3. Darling River 1472 km, originates from the north of New South Wales, and meets the Moray River in Winworth, making it the longest river system in Australia
4. The Lachlan River, 1448 km away, is located in the center of the Australian state of New South Wales, where it originates from the Colleren and drains into the Morumbedge River.
5. The Warrigo RiverIt is part of the Darling Community within the Murray-Darling Basin, and is located southwest of Queensland, Orana in New South Wales, Australia.
6. Copper Creek River1300 km, famous for being the death site of the Wells and Burke Explorers in 1861, is one of Queensland’s three major riverine systems flowing into the Lake Air basin in Australia.
7. Barrow River, 1210 km, runs during the wet season inside the Murray-Darling Basin, in the southwestern part of Queensland and the western western region of New South Wales, Australia.
8. Sepik River 1126 km is located on the island of Papua New Guinea and extends to the Indonesian territory in West Papua Province.
9. River Fly A length of 1050 km is also in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea
10. The Flinders River It extends 1004 km and is located in Queensland, in the northeastern part of Australia.

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