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The lost city of Atlantis

There are many definitions and opinions about the lost Atlantis (English: Atlantica), and it is said that it is one of the legendary islands located in the Atlantic region, specifically in the western side of the Strait of Gibraltar. The legend of Atlantis spread about 2500 years ago, and it was used to refer to a society characterized by having a set of advanced achievements, whether in the field of engineering, architecture and buildings, military power, or natural resources. Another definition of Atlantis is that it is a place that possesses the size of a continent, and contains many plants, animals, clean water, rich soil, and other characteristics.

The story of the lost city of Atlantis

The story of Atlantis and its lost civilization has become part of the human imagination for many years, and no historical or archaeological information has emerged about it, but the first appearance of her story is due to Plato’s philosopher describing her by writing a dialogue text entitled Temaeus, describing a dialogue between Socrates and Pythagoras, A mystical person named Cretias participates in this dialogue, as he talks about the city of Atlantis.

Description of the lost city of Atlantis

The philosopher Plato was keen to provide a description about the city of Atlantis, noting that it is the best place for engineers and architects to live, as he said that it contains a group of ports, temples, sidewalks, and palaces, and that Atlantis was built on a hill surrounded by water in the form of a set of rings connected with Each other through the tunnels, and this contributed to allowing ships to sail in them, as these water rings form a very large channel connected to the ocean.

The legend of the lost city of Atlantis

In his books, the philosopher Plato notes that the lost city of Atlantis was ruled by the Greek sea god Poseidon, who was keen to use Atlantis to express his appreciation to his wife by building a large house for her on a hillside in the middle. As the philosopher Plato explains, the city’s inhabitants are engineers who possessed advanced and advanced technology that exceeds other global regions. As for the villagers of the wealthy class in Atlantis, they inhabited the mountains. As for the end of the legend of the city of Atlantis, it will be in the anger of the god Zeus, but this end is not told if he decides Zeus destroying the city of Atlantis or not, it suffices to mention and celebrate Zeus by giving Atlantis a violent lesson.

Theories about the lost city of Atlantis

Numerous theories have emerged about the lost city of Atlantis, and all have sought to provide reasons for the disappearance of this city. They have also contributed to drawing pictures about its shape and nature. Below is information on the most important of these theories:

  • Atlantis was a continent: It is the theory that refers to the city of Atlantis as a continent that appeared in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and was subjected to sudden drowning, and this theory is associated with the realization that Atlantis is a place that already exists, and not a legend written by Plato, and this theory appeared at the end of the nineteenth century through The book of the author Ignatius Donnelly, entitled “Atlantis – A World Before the Flood”, and the book contained a controversy about the achievements that appeared in the ancient world, and the writer linked them with the existence of a civilization with an advanced environment, Donnelly provided a description of Atlantis, saying that it is a continent that drowned in water based on the place determined by Plato In the Hait Atlantic, and the mentioned rocks in the Strait of Gibraltar.
  • Atlantis disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle: It is a theory derived from the ideas of the writer Donnelly, since many authors were keen to expand in the study and creation of theories and expectations about the place of Atlantis, and among the most important of these writers was Charles Berlitz who wrote many books about phenomena and supernatural events, and from the expectations that Berlitz indicated that Atlantis It was already there, and it is one of the continents located opposite the Bahamas, but it disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle, and some people who support this theory indicate that they found traces of roads and walls across the coast of Bimini, but scientists studied these walls and roads, and they were able to reach it Group of natural forms.
  • Atlantis is Antarctica: It is the theory that indicates that Atlantis is nothing but a developed image of Antarctica at the present time, and this theory belongs to Charles Habod through his book published in the year 1958 AD entitled “the transformed earth’s crust”; where he believes that the Earth’s crust witnessed a transformation about 12,000 years ago, As a result, the location of Antarctica changed from its location to a very remote location, he says, as this continent was the site of one of the advanced civilizations, and the change in its location led to the burial of the Atlantic civilization under the ice.
  • Legendary novel: It is the theory that tells the city of Atlantis is not only a fictional place, but the story of its loss is derived from one of the historical events, and associated with the flood that affected the Black Sea almost in the year 5600 BC, and the Black Sea at that time was a lake that is half of its size in The current era, and spread around it many civilizations that faced floods coming from sea water.
  • The Minoan civilization is Atlantis: It is a theory that says Atlantis is the Minoan civilization that was found during the time period between 1600 to 2500 BC, and it is a civilization that appeared on the islands of Tera and Crete, one of the islands of Greece, and the people of Mino civilization belong to the legendary ruler Minos, as it is indicated that this civilization is the first On the continent of Europe, it contains many beautiful roads and palaces.
  • Plato’s invention of Atlantis: It is the theory that connects Plato and his invention of the city of Atlantis; that is, it did not really exist, but rather emerged as a result of Plato’s ideas, and that the Platonic accounts of the existence of Atlantis are nothing but imagination.

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