The lowest European country temperature in summer

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Know with us in this article the lowest temperature of a European country in the summer, the temperature varies between the countries of the world, even in one country the temperature varies between cities and sometimes it may vary in one city, but what the whole world agrees is that a state of cold prevails in Winter season, summer temperatures rise.
However, there are some countries that have broken this rule by decreasing temperatures in the summer, and the location of Arab travelers today will help you to identify the coldest of these countries, if you love cold weather and are looking for a place to spend the summer away from the heat in your country you should read This article.

The lowest European country temperature in summer


  • Low temperatures are recorded throughout the year.
  • Sometimes temperatures reach 20 degrees below zero.


  • It is located in the North Atlantic Ocean.
  • The temperature remains low throughout the year there, usually below zero.

Green Land

  • Summer is not at all.
  • Temperatures always drop, and snow falls throughout the year.


  • Russia is one of the low-temperature countries in which summer temperatures may reach below zero.
  • One of the coldest areas in Russia is the village “Verkhoyansk”, which records in the summer temperatures of minus 3 degrees.
  • In addition to the village of “Oimiakon”, which is classified as one of the coldest places in the world, located near the Arctic and temperatures in the summer to 80 degrees below zero.


  • It is located near Russia, and is similar to low temperatures.
  • The degree of coldness increases in the high places, reaching 30 degrees below zero.


  • It is called the frozen continent and it is one of the most dangerous places for human life.
  • The coldest places around the world, where temperatures reach less than 100 degrees below zero.


  • It is among the frozen countries throughout the year.
  • Typically temperatures below 30 degrees below zero.

United States of America

  • States in high areas record the lowest temperatures throughout the year.
  • Like the village “Fraser” in the state of “Colorado”, it is one of the coldest places in the United States and the world throughout the year.
  • The city of “Barrow”, which is located in the state of “Alaska”, is very cold all year round, and it is also among the coldest places in the world.
  • The International Waterfalls region is one of the lowest temperatures throughout the year, and it snows heavily in the winter, causing the path of life to stop.
  • In addition to the “cold city” of San Francisco in the summer.


  • The temperatures drop in the winter, accompanied by heavy snow.
  • The situation is not very different in the summer, and it is cold, but without snow.


  • Canada has a very cold atmosphere all year round, because it is located in the north of the globe.
  • And Toronto is the coolest city in Canada in the summer. You can enjoy the cold weather in the scenic nature in which it is famous.


  • Scotland’s temperatures drop a lot in the summer.
  • One of its coolest cities is Edinburgh.


  • It has cool weather most of the year.
  • Crans-Montana is one of the coldest, especially in the summer.

The lowest temperature in the world

  • The lowest temperature in the world reached 100 degrees below zero in the eastern Antarctic plateau.
  • It is followed by the city of “Oymiacon” in the state of “Siberia” 71.2 degrees below zero.
  • As for the third place, it comes in the city “Vrokhoyansk” in “Siberia” also by 69.8 degrees below zero.

The highest temperature in the world

  • The highest temperature recorded in the world was 2012 in Libya, reaching 58 degrees Celsius.
  • Followed by “Greenland” where it reached 56.7 degrees Celsius.
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