Amsterdam malls are one of the most enjoyable places that attract millions of tourists to this wonderful city.
These malls and shopping malls offer something for everyone. There are classic stores, there are trendy stores, and there are luxury and brand stores.
You can shop in the big malls chains that you may find in every city in the world, here are the most important malls in the city.

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The most important and largest malls in Amsterdam

Magna Plaza

This mall was previously a post office. This large edifice was built in 1899 and this makes it one of the antique buildings in the city.
The interior and exterior of the building are so uniquely decorated that it was ridiculed when it was first built
But now it has become a familiar thing and one of Amsterdam's most famous malls.
Shops, shopping and dining spots are spread across four floors of the mall and you will find shops selling everything;
From music stores to men's and women's clothing stores and children's clothing;
In addition to accessories stores, cosmetics and toys, there are also shops that sell healthy products.
The mall has shops that should never be missed, such as the wonderful Dutch cheese stores.Magna PlazaMagna Plaza


The Calvertorne Mall as we mentioned in a previous article is one of the shopping centers that are outlet at the same time, which is a modern three-storey shopping center.
With just one visit, you can get all your needs. It contains garden furniture, paint and clothing stores for sure.
It includes thirty stores of international brands that offer the best offers throughout the year.
The mall has a café and a restaurant on top with great views of the city center.
When you visit this mall, you will get a distinctive shopping experience that you will definitely not forget.KALVERTOREN MALL

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Calver Street can be considered a major shopping mall and many important shopping centers can be found.
One of the most important is the Calvertorne Mall and it is the busiest commercial shopping area in Amsterdam.
In addition to the malls, the street includes many and many shops.
Such as music stores, clothing and footwear stores, skin and body care products, libraries and bookstores.
It also includes homemade cafes, ice cream shops and Dutch sweets for your enjoyment while shopping;
The most remarkable thing is the street market that takes place every week.
For example, the local book market takes place every Friday in the months from March to December, and the art market is held every Sunday. KALVERSTRAAT streetKALVERSTRAAT street

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De Bijenkorf

This is one of the largest and most important stores and malls in Amsterdam, as it is a series of high-end stores, favored by the Dutch and foreigners alike.
The mall was opened in 1870 and it was the first mall in Amsterdam. The meaning of the name of the mall literally is "beehive" and it is a very appropriate name because it is always like a beehive but it is full of shoppers instead of bees.
Visitors can shop at a wide range of Dutch brand stores and some other international brands.
The mall includes a special section for travel where you can buy luxury bags and all travel needs, and there is a section for men's and women's shoes and children and another section for books.De BijenkorfDe Bijenkorf


V&D is the first letters of From and Driesman, which is the largest chain of stores and shops located in every important city in the world.
As for the chain of stores in Amsterdam, it is appropriate for the middle class in an effort to keep prices and quality at one level.
The mall also sells foods on the ground floor and has several excellent restaurants that offer the tastiest and finest dishes where you can eat snacks with a choice of soups, salads and cakes you like next to the meal.V&DV&D:

Villa Arena

We do not expect you to buy your furniture during your visit to Amsterdam, but we remind you of this commercial center that specializes in home furnishing and decoration because it does not contain only the foundation.
Villa Arena Mall specializes in interior decoration of homes and through it you can get some of the finest home décor you can never see;
You do not have to buy furniture, they are all lightweight but wonderful things to decorate your home and to be souvenirs from that special city. It also contains a large electronic store and two sports shops.Villa ArenaVilla Arena

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