The Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina is located in the Balkans in south-eastern Europe, and is one of the republics of the former Yugoslavia. It is bordered to the north, west and south by Croatia, to the east by Serbia and to the southwest by the Republic of Montenegro. It features a 26 km coastline on the Adriatic Sea. The province of Bosnia is one of the huge geographical regions that have a mild continental climate, where it is hot summer and cold with snowfall in winter, while the province of Herzegovina is located in the south of the country, and it has a geographical nature and a Mediterranean climate.
Bosnia and Herzegovina has recovered after long suffering from the civil war and conflicts that lasted for years, rebuilding war-torn cities, restoring ancient sites classified as a UNESCO World Heritage, and constructing wonderful hotel facilities and units to advance the tourism sector. Tourists are flocking to Bosnia and Herzegovina due to its beautiful natural scenery, temperate climate, friendly and hospitable people. We will take you on a tour around the most amazing places and tourist activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

1- Pachcharshaya Market Bascarsija

The Ottoman district of Sarajevo

Pachcircia is the old market district of Sarajevo and the historical cultural center, which is filled with Ottoman character and elegance. The old market was built in the fifteenth century and still represents an important and major area in the Bosnian capital, Sarajevo. The neighborhood is full of ancient mosques, shops, squares, restaurants and cafes. The neighborhood is one of the most prominent places to visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

2- Tunel spasa

Spaza Tunnel
The Spaza Tunnel, also known as the “Tunnel of Hope”, is of great emotional and historical importance in Sarajevo as it became a symbol of hope during the siege of Sarajevo in the Balkan War in the 1990s. The tunnel was built under the tarmac during the siege of Sarajevo and was the only outlet to the outside world, as it helped Bosnians trapped in Sarajevo secure the flow of supplies, medicines, food and other basic needs. Tourists can visit and learn about that period in the history of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

3- Vrelo Bosne, source of the Bosnian River Vrelo Bosne

Bosnia and Herzegovina
The source of Bosnia is located in a region rich in water resources, including fresh and mineral water, forests and fresh air, in addition to tourism and entertainment sites. The upstream garden has paths and ideal ways for hiking and to look at creeks, waterfalls, and pet birds such as ducks, pelicans, and others. The Frillo region is very popular with residents and tourists alike.

4- Mostar Bridge

The old bridge in Mostar is one of the most famous and photographed monuments in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This magnificent bridge was built on the banks of (Neretva River) in the sixteenth century by the Ottomans. The bridge connects the two halves (Mostar). He held it in place for 427 years before being destroyed during the war in Croatia and Bosnia. It was rebuilt in 2004, and is considered one of the most visited places by tourists in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

5- Mount Igman Mount Igman

Igman Mountain
Mount Igman is part of the Dinaric Alps, and is located in the center of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a resort loved by the Bosnians and tourists, especially in the winter. He hosted the Winter Olympics in 1984 and was the scene of major battles during the siege of Sarajevo.

6- Fishigrad Višegrad

This historic bridge is located in the city of Visegrad, on the banks of the Drina River, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in (Bosnia and Herzegovina). This Ottoman bridge was constructed by a famous architect of the Ottoman Sultanate called Mimar Sinan at the request of the Grand Vizier Muhammad Pasha Sokolovich. This beautiful bridge is famous thanks to the famous book “Bridge on the Drina River”, written by Evo Andritsch, the famous Nobel Prize-winning writer.

7- Pliva Waterfalls

Pliva Falls
The beautiful Pleva Falls are located on the Bliva River, in the center of the city of Yaitsa in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and fall from a height of 17 meters in the Vrbas River in exquisite harmony and decorated with a beautiful dress of lush green plants. Its height was reduced due to earthquakes and damage during the Bosnian war. Without a doubt, Pliva Falls retains its position as one of the most magnificent attractions.

8- Hutovo Blato Reserve

Hotovo Plateau
Hotovo Plateau Nature Reserve and a bird park that houses more than 240 species of migratory birds. It is a natural marshland and formed from the rivers of Krupa, Matika and Neretva. It also includes two beautiful lakes, Lake Dransko and Svetafsko. The nature reserve is a paradise for nature lovers and wandering. It is also one of the best places to visit in (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

9- Maglic Mountain

Mount Maglich
It belongs to the Diamond Alpine Range and is located near the border with the State of Montenegro, 20 kilometers southwest of the city of Foca within the Sotiska Reserve. Mount Maglic, the highest mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina, has a height of 2,386 meters. This mountain is one of the most beautiful mountains in Bosnia and Herzegovina and is rich in pine forests, beeches and various plants in addition to the plains and pastures. The mountain maglech attracts adventure lovers, nature exploration and mountain climbers. This mountain can be reached by going to the Sotiska Reserve, which is near the city of Foca.

10- The town of Blagaj

The town of Blagay

The picturesque town of Blagay is situated on a natural source of the Bosnian River, and it smells of the Ottoman Sultanate including heritage buildings. You can see the Dervish House at the natural source of the Buna River. The Dervish hospice is surrounded by a rocky outcrop and the turquoise waters of the Buna River. Blagay is a popular tourist attraction in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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