Copenhagen is one of the most beautiful cities in Denmark, in addition to that, it contains many of the most attractive markets for tourists in it, and the products of the markets vary between foodstuffs, art products, in addition to handicrafts, and many things that make visitors come to shopping In which .

The most attractive markets for tourists in Copenhagen:

1- Copenhagen Street Food:

Copenhagen Food Street is one of the most attractive markets for tourists, as it houses many food shops. Copenhagen Street Food is distinguished by offering food products at discounted prices and suitable for all budgets, which makes acceptance from all classes of individuals. The street is not limited to the shops only, but it also contains many restaurants that work in cooking, and under supervision Taste experts. Every weekend the street becomes a platform for creativity, where many festivals and concerts are held that offer different arts.

2- Loppelunden Market:

The Lubelunden market is one of the newest markets in Copenhagen, as it was established in April 2015, but it is one of the most distinguished markets in it. The sale is for individuals only, but rather he buys used things that are suitable for reuse again. The Lubondin market is not concerned with a specific type of product, but clothing is one of the most sold products in it. The Lubondin market works from April to the end of October from every year .

3- Arts And Crafts Market:

The arts and crafts market is one of the most attractive markets for tourists in Copenhagen, as it differs from the rest of the city's markets. It is one of the seasonal markets, as it works every Saturday from May to September. The arts and crafts market is characterized by being A large square that brings together artists from all over the world, and each offers their artistic talent. It is located in the large square “kongens nytorv” park, which contains a lot of picturesque plants, which makes it a favorite for picnics as well.

4- Antique Market:

The antique market is one of the most attractive markets for tourists in Copenhagen, as it is the ideal place to search for antiques and antiques. It is a seasonal market, and works on Friday and Saturday from April to October. Many professional antiques dealers in Denmark participate in it. In addition to a group of trade enthusiasts from all over the world, it is considered one of the most expensive markets in Denmark, as it sells products of moral value, high quality, and breathtaking beauty. The antique market is famous for the diversity of small artifacts in it, in addition to products made of Danish porcelain. the original.

5- Christmas Market:

The Christmas market is one of the most popular markets in Copenhagen, and it is located in Tivoli Park. It is not a commercial market in the traditional sense, but rather a festival for shopping and celebration of Christmas. The market contains about 50 small kiosks to sell Christmas needs and its decorations. It also has a section dedicated to gifts and toys for children, in addition to its presence next to a large theme park. It starts on November 19 and continues until December 31 of each year.

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