The city of Bangalore or Bangalore is one of the most important places of tourism in India and is located in the state of Karnataka, called the Garden City because of the large number of tall trees lining the sides of the city streets. It is also considered one of the most important commercial cities of India and owns many wonderful parks, ancient streets, cinema and entertainment complexes

Best Bangalore hotels

The city of Bangalore contains a group of distinguished hotels in India, and as we know, choosing the right hotel is one of the main factors for the success of the tourist trip for any city, so we have compiled for you a list of the best hotels in Bangalore India based on the recommendations of Arab tourists and their assessments … Read more

Best Bangalore hotels in India

Tourist attractions in Bangalore

Find out with us in this article on the most famous tourist places in Bangalore and the main attractions in the city of Bangalore called Silicon Valley

The most beautiful entertainment places in Bangalore

On this tab, we review the best entertainment places in the Indian city of Bangalore, including amusement parks and recreation parks, the most important of which is the Wonderla Theme Park, the City of Cinema, etc. … Read more

The most important gardens of Bangalore

Gardens are one of the most important tourism destinations in Bangalore. On this tab, we show you our most important love, the Bangalore Gardens, which provides an environment suitable for family picnics and taking children, including the zoo, one of the most important tourist places in Bangalore and others … Read more

Tourism in Bangalore

Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills is considered one of the most tourist places in Bangalore, India, attractive to tourists due to the beauty of its natural scenery and the wonderful view that it provides. These hills are surrounded by fog in abundance due to its height and this is what increases its beauty in addition to the vast green areas that extend on its surface … Read more

Tourist places in Bangalore

The Bangalore Palace

One of the most prominent tourist attractions in Bangalore India is the Bangalore Palace, which is a historic royal palace that was established in 1862 and was completed in the current form in 1944 is a wonderful architectural masterpiece that attracts tourists coming to the city of Bangalore … Read more

Landmarks of the city of Bangalore India

Vidana Building

Vidhana Soudha building is the largest building in the city of Bangalore as it is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Bangalore India, this building was established in 1952 and its construction lasted about 4 years until it ended in 1956, the height of the huge Vedana building is about 46 meters and occupies an estimated area of ​​49 thousand Square meters … Read more

The most important tourist places in the Indian Bangalore

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