Khobar is one of the most beautiful and most important cities in Saudi Arabia, which is an important commercial center, and is characterized by its unique location on the coast of the Arabian Gulf, which made it enjoy the most beautiful views through its picturesque beaches, fun and varied parks, as well as many elegant commercial centers, which add to the charm and beauty of that diversity Among its impressive attractions.

The best hotels in Al Khobar

Al-Khobar enjoys a wonderful group of hotels that overlook the most important sights and wonderful views across the city, as well as the accommodations are characterized by the best services and the finest facilities, and below we will display a list of the best hotels in Al-Khobar, according to the reviews and opinions of Arab visitors .. Read more

Places of entertainment in the news

The best entertainment places in the news

Among the most beautiful ones you find in this distinguished city are the pleasant elite of parks and many entertainment places in the news, which carries a lot of enjoyment for its pioneers, between the zoo, parks with stunning views, as well as water theme parks in Al Khobar, and next we will learn about the most beautiful entertainment places in the news .

Khobar Zoo

In one of the most important tourist attractions for the residents of the city and the surrounding cities, it provides a wonderful picture of the distinctive wildlife, which includes a variety of animals, birds, and fish in its cheerful colors, as well as the wonderful green spaces that are comfortable for the soul that includes places to sit.
This garden is one of the best entertainment places in Al Khobar, which includes a games area for children and equipped with everything that holds our youngsters fun and safety together .. Read more

Water games in the news

Village games in the news

The Games Village is one of the most entertaining places in Al Khobar, which provides joy and happiness for all family members, as it includes a large collection of interesting games, including children and adults, in addition to fun video games, and many places for parents to follow their children while playing.
This distinctive village includes a food court serving delicious food. The village also offers many offers and discounts on games prices throughout the week .. Read more

Entertainment places in the news

Rose Garden in Khobar

The rose garden is considered one of the largest and most beautiful places of entertainment in the news, and the most popular among the inhabitants of the region, as it is the main outlet for them, enjoying the most beautiful view between the trees and palm trees spreading through green spaces and bouquets of beautiful roses, so they weave together an impressive painting of the magic of nature.
The Rose Garden also offers many activities that give its visitors fun and relaxation, and includes a children’s play area and another area for youth equipped with fitness equipment .. Read more

Entertainment places in the news

Rubber Water Park

One of the most amazing entertainment places in Al Khobar, which is the largest rubber water park in the world, which has achieved a new record from the Guinness Book of Records, which extends over an area of ​​20.5 km along the beach, and follows the sunset beach resort in Al Khobar, it includes 75 games that match Various ages, including maze, ladders, and slides, as well as inflatable bridges and towers.
This fun park also includes a variety of interesting activities, where the Gulf Motorcycle Championship was held, in which 34 competitors from the Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, and Bahrain participated under the supervision of the Saudi Federation for Marine Sports and Diving, in addition to acrobatic, artistic, and recreational performances, and a wonderful group From water games in the news such as kayat, jet ski, and volleyball court set up on the beach.

Water games, news

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