The most beautiful 4 tourist islands in Greece

المسافرون العرب

When summer comes, we must immediately remember Greece, because it contains turquoise water, romantic sunsets, and a Mediterranean flavor. This is the idea of ​​most of us about the Greek islands, which are among the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Greece contains more than 5000 islands, so it is difficult for most of us to make a list of the most beautiful among them, but here is this list that contains a group of the most beautiful 4 tourist islands in Greece:

The 4 most beautiful tourist islands in Greece:

1. Paxi Island:

The most beautiful 4 tourist islands in Greece - The most beautiful 4 tourist islands in GreecePaxi Island is one of the largest Ionian Islands, located near Corfu. Although this island is smaller and less famous than other islands, it is a quiet and perfect place for couples or any traveler seeking privacy. There are amazing beaches and restaurants in the main port of Gaius, and these restaurants serve fresh fish. The best time to enjoy this magical island is in the evening; the best beaches: Clooney Jolly, Gianna, Kibade (accessible on foot or by boat), and Sterna Bay. The best is to search and explore the island on your own, in order to find the best one for you. How to get there: You can only reach this island by boat. You can take the speedboat from Kerkyra or from the Greek mainland in the town of Igoumenitsa. Also read: Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Greece

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2. Santorini Island - Santorini:

1581205409 898 The most beautiful 4 tourist islands in Greece - The most beautiful 4 tourist islands in GreeceSantorini Island - SantoriniSantorini is a classic and very well-known island, and if you want a mix between everything that we mentioned at the beginning of the article in addition to a glimpse of romance, then this island is the perfect choice for you. White in “Vera” (a village located on the western side of the island, and thus you can enjoy the wonderful sunset view) .1 Best Beaches: Red Beach (named by this name due to its unique sand color that looks like lava), White Beach, Kamari How to get there: You can fly directly to Ext R. Santorini "Thira" national or book a cheap flight to "Eleftherios Venizelos" Athens International Airport from the airline "EasyJet" company, and then take the ferry (composite) to Santorena.aqro also: Santorini Island in Greece ... charming romantic island in Greece

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3. Tilos - Tilos:

1581205409 707 The most beautiful 4 tourist islands in Greece - The most beautiful 4 tourist islands in GreeceTilos - Tilos, mountains and roads are what make this island the ideal choice for adventurous travelers who are looking for daily trips to explore wildlife, which makes them deserve to be among the list of the 4 most beautiful tourist islands in Greece. You can face wild animals such as: (exotic birds and elephants) face to face. The beaches are rocky and hard to reach, but once you reach them you will be able to enjoy the tranquility and peace of nature. The best beaches: the Red Beach and San Antonio. How to get there: This island does not have an airport, but you can fly to travel to an island. Rhodes ”, then you go to the island by boat. You can also reach the island by boat from Athens and Mykonos.

4. Skyros - Skyros:

1581205409 692 The most beautiful 4 tourist islands in Greece - The most beautiful 4 tourist islands in GreeceSkyros - Skyros This island is located in the "Sporades Archipelago" in the western part of the Aegean Sea. It is the largest and most peaceful of all the former islands, there is no nightlife, but during the day you can rent a bike or a scooter and wander the streets, in order to discover its hidden treasures. The northern part of the island is hills and is home to the mountain "Olympus", while the southern part is a barren and barren area, but you will still like it. The best beaches: Atista, Gerismata, and Palamari. How to get there There are direct flights to Skyros National Airport from "Athens Thessaloniki" airport. We do not recommend taking the ferry (boat) to reach the island, because it will take a long time until it arrives.

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