The State of Senegal is one of the most beautiful countries of the brown continent that enjoys a picturesque nature spread among its tropical trees that extend between the plains, mountains, and coasts along the Atlantic Ocean, and increases its beauty and magnificence when migratory birds decorate its sky, in addition to natural reserves, national parks and amazing beaches, it has met All these live paintings are from the magic of nature to present one of the most important tourist destinations in Africa.
We have collected some questions that come to your mind when you arrange to visit the Republic of Senegal, and perhaps the most important one, what is the capital of Senegal? It is the city of Dakar, and what about the language of Senegal? The French language is the most widely spoken, in addition to a number of other languages, including Arabic. What is the currency of Senegal? It is the African franc, and thus we have answered the most important thing that concerns you.

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The best seasons of tourism in Senegal

The climate in the Republic of Senegal is a dry semi-tropical climate, as it has a great diversity in its surface between the wide depressions and hills, which increases the diversity of the climate throughout the year. In one season, many changes in climate occur, so we recommend visiting Senegal between November Until March so you can enjoy your trip away from the rainy season.
In the period from December to May, when it is relatively moderate in temperature, allowing you to visit the beaches and surf, and enjoy watching the flocks of migratory birds inhabiting this country to enjoy their warmth.
Between May and November, it is the wet season, and the precipitation in the country is hot and rainy.

How long you can stay in Senegal

If you intend to visit the country of Senegal for the purpose of tourism, you must obtain a visa that enables you to stay inside the country for a period of 3 months.

Tourism in Dakar Senegal

One of the most important tourism cities in Senegal, which is the magnificent capital of Senegal, which is one of the most crowded cities in South Africa and Senegal. It is a distinctive port on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, and it boasts many tourist attractions, as it enjoys a moderate climate throughout the year, and a wonderful nature.
The capital Dakar includes the main markets, the Great Dakar Mosque, the Dakar Cathedral, in addition to the island of Jouri, the Ivan Museum, the Museum of African Culture, as well as the African Renaissance Monument, and many other sites worth visiting .. Read more

Tourism in Senegal

Tourism in Thais Senegal

It is the third largest city of Senegal, located 70 km east of the capital at the crossroads of ancient kingdoms. It is the capital of the province of Thais, which has a quieter atmosphere than Dakar, and has a unique nature among its tropical trees and shades.
You can enjoy its charming nature when you sit at one of the cafes scattered around, as this city is famous for the most famous decorative wall factories in the world designed by the most famous Senegalese artists, and allows visitors to see how this cloth is woven as well as enter the exhibition halls.
The proposed duration to visit sights in Thais is one day.

Senegal tourism

Tourism in St. Louis, Senegal

This charming old city that is located on the island of Ndar in the heart of the Senegal River, which is one of the most beautiful cities of Senegal, where tourists come from different countries of the world to enjoy the beauty of its nature and its amazing views, while this island is linked to the mainland by a famous bridge called Vidherby, which is considered one of the city’s landmarks Featured.
St. Louis is famous for its colonial architecture represented by a number of impressive buildings, such as the Governor’s Palace, the neoclassical cathedral, and the Jean-Mermes Museum. It also includes many unique natural sites, including the Dodge Bird National Park and the Long Papai National Reserve.
The proposed duration of sightseeing in St. Louis is two days.

The capital of Senegal

Tourism in Cap Skirring, Senegal

Cap Skirring is considered one of the best tourism cities in Senegal, it is a wonderful city located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Senegal has an amazing beach tourism among the coolest beaches in West Africa characterized by calm, where you can spend your vacation days on the beach while exploring the traditional villages of Diola to the east, or do There are many activities available, such as kayaking and mountain biking.
The proposed duration of sightseeing in Cap Skirring is two days.

What is the capital of Senegal?

Tourism in the city of Sally Portudal Senegal

Sally Portudal is one of the most magnificent tourism cities in Senegal, and is a picturesque destination for tourism as it is located along the coast surrounded by palm trees and golf courses de Sally, and a handicraft market, and was once an Portuguese commerce site.
If you want to spend a beach vacation, Sally is the best destination for nature lovers, providing you with a calm environment for complete relaxation in clean sandy beaches with deep blue waters teeming with unique types of fish. You can also visit natural reserves, historical sites, places of entertainment and adventure and many others.
The proposed duration of sightseeing in Saly Portudal is two days.

The language of Senegal

Best hotels in Senegal

Senegal has an elite group of hotels that provide the most beautiful views of the scenic landscape.

Senegal state

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