The most beautiful amusement park in the world

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We mean the word amusement entertainment, and the theme park is the entertainment city, which is a place dedicated to entertainment, recreation and self-play, and visitors come in a large number every day, especially in the summer, and there are many games in amusement parks, including roller coaster and so on.

The design of the amusement park is attractive to visitors, as it is characterized by the striking and attractive colors that attract children to it, so the amusement parks differ from others in architecture, landscapes, and the first theme parks were in Denmark in 1583 AD, and after that the numbers of amusement parks increased, and among the most famous theme parks around the world are Alton Towers In England, Park Asterix in France, Carthage Land in Tunisia, Dream Park in Egypt and Jordan, Ferrari World in the Emirates, Fuji-Q Highland in Japan, Everland Resort in Korea, Vialand Istanbul in Turkey, and Disneyland in Florida, California, France and Japan, these It is the most famous and the largest There is no theme park in the whole world, which is what we will talk about here.

Disneyland is the most beautiful amusement park in the world

Disneyland crosses the most famous and beautiful theme parks around the world, and it was opened for the first time in 1955 in the state of California in America, and it belongs to the businessman Walt Disney, and it has branches in most of the famous countries of the world; such as Florida, Paris, Tokyo, and Hong Kong.

The first city of Disney was built in California and it was the only one that was supervised by the owner of the company, Walt Disney. Then, the second branch of Disney was opened on the first of the month of October one thousand nine hundred and seventy-one in Florida in the United States of America, while the third branch was opened in the fifteenth From the month of April one thousand nine hundred and eighty-three in Tokyo, capital of Japan, and this was the first branch outside the United States of America.

The fourth branch was created nine years after the establishment of the second branch, i.e. in the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety-two and specifically on the twelfth of April and was in the city of Paris, and the second time they opened a branch outside the United States of America, the last branch is in Hong Kong in Greater China was built on the twelfth of September in the year two thousand and five.

The gates of the city are open every day from ten in the morning until six in the evening, and the most crowded days are Saturday and Sunday, because it is the leave for children, and the best days for visiting are Monday and Thursday, where in these days it is possible to spend fun and entertaining time.


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