Chinoike JIGOKU
It is one of the most exciting hot springs of Beppu. The color comes from the presence of iron oxide and magnesium oxide.

Umi Jigoku – 別 府 地獄 め ぐ り

It is one of the most exciting springs of Beppu hot springs, but don’t be fooled with water here, when the temperature reaches 98 degrees. In the extensive gardens, the orange color of large hot springs with strong lotus flowers appears.

Oniishibozu JIGOKU

This is one of the most spectacular springs of Beppu hot springs, it has a public bath with multiple bathrooms.

Shiraike JIGOKU

It is the region that includes a pool of hot water, and that includes a mixture of boric acid, salt, sodium silicate and calcium bicarbonate. The pool is surrounded by a beautiful and small garden.
Kamado Jigoku

It is the area that contains several pools of boiling water with the entrance statue. Visitors can drink hot spring water, while eating several steamed snacks.

Oniyama JIGOKU

It is the area known as the “Crocodile of Hell” and is home to a large number of crocodiles.

Yama Jigoku

“Mount Hell” is the region that contains small pools of evaporating hot water. There is a mini zoo with large animals in small cages.
Tatsumaki JIGOKU

It is a hot spring that erupts every 30-40 minutes for 6-10 minutes.

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