The most beautiful areas in Portugal

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The most beautiful regions in Portugal are advisable to visit, we show you where Portugal is located in southwestern Europe, and it is one of the most wonderful countries that meet the purpose of tourism, and achieve for those who intended to travel to the highest levels of pleasure, luxury and benefit, and this is due to the beauty and splendor of the site as well as what you have Of attractive and wonderful tourist attractions, here we mention a group of those picturesque tourist attractions in Portugal.

The most beautiful areas in Portugal:

  • Lisbon:

  • Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is characterized by a wonderful strategic location, as it is located on seven hills until it is sometimes called “the city of the seven hills”, and it is one of the largest cities in the area, which receives most of its visitors from other European capitals.
    There are also a number of the most luxurious and most famous hotels ever, such as the “Epic Sanaa Lisbon” hotel, the “Corinthia Lisbon Hotel”, the “Altis Grand Hotel”, “Merid by Sana Hotels” and the “Palacio de Governador”.
    The Lisbon Evolution Hotel, the Torremero do Passo hotel, and other hotels that add to Lisbon more temptation and appeal.

  • Porto:

  • Porto is the second city after Lisbon in terms of area, and it is located at the mouth of the Douro River, which is characterized by the classicism of its houses and the charm of its streets, as well as a large number of historical monuments known for their Iraq.
    Including, but not limited to, archeological bridges and some museums, such as the “Serlovice” Historical Museum, which also has more than one cathedral, the most famous of which is the “Porto Cathedral”.

  • Azores:

  • They are nine volcanic islands covered by dense vegetation, and have a dazzling nature with lush green lakes and lush beaches.

  • Aveiro City:

  • The city of Aveiro is one of the most important tourist areas in Portugal and is located 260 km from Lisbon, and it has a unique title that indicates all its charm and richness, as it is known as “Iraq Gun”, “City of Bridges” and “City of Water”.

  • Sintra:

  • The city of Sintra is located on the slopes of the Sintra northwest of Lisbon, and is characterized by its exotic plants and beautiful palaces, the most famous of which is the Pena Palace, as it is located Morroch Castle and is a wonderful tourist attraction as its ancient historical features are among the most important factors attracting tourists to it.

  • Douro Valley:

  • One of the most famous natural areas attracting tourism in Portugal, whose area extends from the city of Porto and reaches the borders of Spain, is characterized by a scene of interlocking vineyards connected to homes and homes, and five bridges have been erected over the Rio Douro River, which made the scene more wonderful and more suitable for sailing and enjoying with it.

  • Cascais:

  • Cascais is known for its beautiful coastal resort and beaches. It is a limited village where fishing and water sports are practiced. It is also a kiss for artisans and artists who draw their creativity and art from its breathtaking scenes, exciting appearance and display its art in (De Castro Guimarre Conde Museum).

  • Praia da Marina:

  • Enjoying strange and distinct irony slopes, located close to the Al-Jarf region, its charming beach has been considered one of the 100 beaches that carry a description of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

  • Marvo:

  • Marvo City belongs to the Middle Ages, where its buildings and monuments go back to the thirteenth century. Its tourist features truly smell history and attract its lovers, and it is distinguished as a city with a mountainous nature.

  • Safe Beach:

  • Salama beach is one of the most beautiful and quiet beaches in Portugal, which is about three hours south of the capital Barcelona, ​​and the main Sharia contains a group of white plaster houses that are located on high slopes, but despite the charm and splendor of this village, it is still late Relatively from the rest of the tourist attractions that are visited by tourists from different countries of the world.

  • Evora:

  • The city of Evora is one of the oldest European cities historically whose walls belong to the Roman era, where its features smell of the Roman and Islamic history and the following historical periods.
    Geographically, the site of the city of Evora is in the south of Portugal, at a distance of up to 140 km from it, a city located far from the coast, with great distances, bounded on the north by the Tagus River.
    From the southern side, the Algarve region is also located 80 kilometers west of the Spanish border, which is the capital of the region of Alentejo and the largest city in which the city dates back to nearly two thousand years or more.
    The designation of this city came as a quote from a specific type of tree that surrounds and is spread over it. This was a comprehensive presentation of the most important, most beautiful and most wonderful areas in Portugal.


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