The most beautiful areas of Istanbul

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Basilica Reservoir

There are many places in Istanbul that a visitor can see above the surface of the earth, and it will not be surprising that you have some exciting places below the surface of the earth. The Basilica Cistern located below Hagia Sophia is an example of this, where a visitor can access this Place using the 52-degree stairs.

Aya Sofia

It is considered one of the largest cathedrals in the world, which was built in 537 AD as a Byzantine church before it was converted into a mosque in 1453, and it is worth noting that Hagia Sophia is still quite amazing today as the day it was completed, as well She welcomes visitors, architecture and art lovers throughout the year.

Suleymaniye Mosque

Sulaimaniyah is decorated with one of the seven hills of Istanbul, and is considered one of the largest and most beautiful mosques in it, as Solomon I commissioned Mimar Sinan, who is considered the most talented and most talented imperial architect, and he built the buildings surrounding him, it is worth noting This mosque is considered the fourth imperial mosque built in Istanbul.

Thutmose III obelisk

This obelisk traveled to all parts of the world before it ended up in Turkey, because this hieroglyphic tower that is currently in Istanbul was carved in Egypt between 1500 – 1400 BC, and this tower remained present alongside the Karnak Temple for hundreds of years until half a century Thirteenth century AD that the Roman Emperor moved it to Alexandria, specifically down the Nile, and this huge artifact remained in this place for a few decades, until it was transferred to the place where it is currently.


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