The most beautiful areas overlooking the sea in Turkey

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Guide to the most beautiful areas overlooking the sea in Turkey, Turkey is one of the most beautiful tourist countries around the world, known for the splendor of architecture, the many monuments, and the picturesque nature, so what are the most beautiful cities that exist on the Black Sea? What is the most important characteristic of each? In addition to the most beautiful resorts that are there for housing and hospitalization, and here is more information for Arab travelers.

The most beautiful areas overlooking the sea in Turkey:

Polo City:

It is one of the most beautiful magical cities in Turkey, which is located in the magnificent western Black Sea, and it is known for its beauty of mountain nature, forests with many trees and lakes with its clear pure water comfortable for the spectators, where you will find a lot of vast green spaces and unique plant in its kind in Polo more than 7 thousand types From a rare plant. You will never want to leave this green paradise.

Things to do in Polo:

  • Visit Lake Polo, which is located 32 kilometers west of the city and is very high-rise, which is located at a distance of 1325 meters above sea level.
  • It is one of the most important tourist attractions in the region, where tourists can take a tour of the lake, which is known for the beauty of the outdoors, which smells of comfortable pine for the soul.
  • You can visit the thermal springs in Karagasso, south of the city of Polo, which are known to be blessed waters and used in the treatment of diseases since ancient times.
  • As for entertainment in the city, you can visit the many monuments that exist in the city, which express the beauty of the architecture, such as Yildirim Beyazit Mosque, which is one of the most beautiful mosques in Turkey.


Most of Sinop Province is located on the Black Sea, where it is full of natural plants and a mild atmosphere all year round. Sinop has been ranked as the best tourist destination overlooking the Black Sea in a Turkish country.
You can rest in the beautiful bays and watch the picturesque lake.
Visit the ancient monuments such as the famous castle, El-Din Mosque, antique museums and Serapis temple. You can also visit the Ralk Falls that will captivate you at first sight.

Ordu City:

One of the wonderful destinations in Turkey directly overlooking the Black Sea, the beauty of hazel groves that cover more than 100 km of green areas will captivate you, along with the beauty of the beach and the splendor of the highlands, especially the Campasi Plateau that reaches a height of more than 1,200 meters, and the Kefalan Plateau which extends for about 2 km From southern Urdu.
Do not miss visiting the small villages surrounding the city, which are among the quietest places in the Black Sea, in addition to the ancient Greek region, which is characterized by narrow alleys and houses that are still standing with the relay of the eternity.


It is located on the borders of the Caucasus in the country and it is very knowledgeable about the beauty of the green surfaces and the mild climate throughout the year, and tourists come to visit it in thousands every year, which makes it one of the most beautiful hills that exist in Turkey at all.
In Artvin you will find many antique museums that are fragrant in history and established by the Georgians, and we recommend visiting the Koro River if you are a kayaking practitioner, and the river is considered the fastest river in the town.
If you are a fan of walking and running, do not miss to visit the Kakkar Mountains and Wadi Makahil, which will give you the opportunity to see the old Ottoman houses and Ottoman mosques known for the beauty of architecture and the splendor of design.


While Turkey is mostly covered by snow, ice blocks, or rocks, Risa Province is completely different as it is covered with greenery throughout the year. It is famous for its fruit trees, and tea is one of its most famous local products and today is a symbol of the province.
As you walk through Risa you will feel the scent of beautiful tea, mixed with the outdoors, as if the city is calling you to drink tea, and you can do this in the Ziry Garden, which is one of the most beautiful spots around the world and the best place to rest, calm and relax. You can also visit many wonderful waterfalls and villages in Boycott.

Amasra City:

It is considered one of the most beautiful cities directly overlooking the Black Sea, and it is one of the cities that is characterized by the rocky nature and its multi-colored houses that overlook the narrow streets and alleys that lead to the Black Sea. You will feel like you are part of an impressive painting and if you love photography you will take the most wonderful pictures of your life among the beautiful trees and unique flats with the breathtaking sea.
Do not miss the visit of the Byzantine Castle that is next to the small port during your visit to the city in addition to the ancient museum located in it, and you can do many activities in the city, including diving, swimming, sunbathing and sightseeing of the old town or take a tour through the boat in the port in order to visit the bays that Dotted in the region.


It is one of the small cities in relation to the area and it is located east of Trabzon and it is known for the many archaeological sites belonging to the ancient Greek civilization, and to get the best benefit and the largest information about the archaeological places you can visit the medieval Sormin Castle and the 18th-century Beyokulu Konai Palace accompanied by a local guide To inform you about the history of each archaeological monument in detail, which will raise you a lot of pride and awe in front of the history of this wonderful city.

The name of a tourist resort on the Black Sea:

Gazelle resort & spa:

It is one of the best spa resorts located on the Black Sea, and it provides the best services for a thousand dollars per day.

Tofotel Trayson

One day will cost you 3 thousand pounds, but the tourist resort deserves that, it overlooks the sea directly, which will make your experience unforgettable and prepare the best Turkish dishes, the best services in the Black Sea region, and the place is luxurious as you will feel as if you are in your own palace and nature surrounds you from all The actors. You can also book through the resort’s website via the internet and specify the period that will remain and the date of departure and departure.


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