Chikita playa
This beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches stretching on the Caribbean Sea, as it is located in the southeast of the Puerto area, and everything that a tourist needs when moving from San Jose to him by car to only four hours, the area is very suitable for those people who want to enjoy fine sand, and also Swimming in clear waters, as the beach consists of several small openings, and therefore the place is characterized by a quiet extended area, it is not possible to reach a direct road to the beach, but it can be reached by several paths, which helps to maintain the isolation of the beach, as the beach It is located in an amazing area for snorkeling or diving And enjoy coral reefs, and when swimming must be careful, as the area has a shopping village, and there are a few restaurants and services along the main road.

Santa Teresa playa
Santa Teresa is a small city on the peninsula of Nicoya in Costa Rica, with an area of ​​about 93 km. It is considered a fishing village that has been developed to become a tourist destination mostly because of its amazing beaches. Santa Teresa is a large and vast area of ​​beautiful white sand, overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Surrounded by green hills and lush tropical forests.

Samara Beach
Samara is a charming coastal village located on the western coast of the Nikoya Peninsula, and is characterized by its extension of three miles from the coastline, which is characterized by wonderful beaches, as it is characterized by beautiful white sand, and protected from the Gulf area surrounded by lush tropical plants on one side and with water peridot and Wonderful coral reefs.

Punta Ufa Beach
It is located about five miles from the lively city of Viejo Puerto Rico, overlooking the picturesque Caribbean coast, and the beach is famous for its tranquil nature in Punta, its wonderful coral reef and beautiful white sand, and the beach can teach children to swim, and dive to coral reefs Or take a stroll in the surrounding woods to see monkeys and many kinds of birds.

Hermosa Playa Beach
It is located just 20 minutes from the International Airport Audubier Daniel in Liberia, “Hermosa Playa” or the ‘beautiful beach’ in Spanish is located in a charming area with its charming scenery and green nature, and it is a gray sandy beach with a length of approximately two kilometers, which is Surrounded by large volcanic rocky hills and lush tropical forests.

Avita Beach Beach
Avita, a quiet little village characterized by the features of slow life, and providing all means of relaxation, as well as wonderful tropical forests and endless vast areas of beaches, the beach is ideal for surfing, swimming, snorkeling and diving, while while in it can enjoy sand and humpback whales And water turtles.

Cocles Beach
Coccles is a small village on the Atlantic coast south of Viejo Puerto Rico, in the Caribbean lowlands. These beautiful beaches are surrounded by wonderful vegetation, and are very popular with and is one of the best skiing beaches in Costa Rica.

Nusara Beach
It is a wonderful area surrounded by rich tropical plants, and how many wonderful beaches. As for the most popular beach is “Playa Guiones”, where most of the hotels and restaurants are located in the village, the beach stretches seven kilometers from the beautiful white sands to explore on foot or by Bikes.

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