The most beautiful beaches of Istanbul .. Istanbul is one of the most important coastal cities in the world, as it is surrounded by more than 20 beaches, and this is why Arab travelers provide you with a guide to the most beautiful beaches of Istanbul, where clean water and various activities.

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The most beautiful beaches of Istanbul ..

The beach in Istanbul

The beach in IstanbulThe beach in Istanbul is characterized by the city of Istanbul to include the most beautiful beaches on the level of Turkey and even on the world level, all of them are wonderful and possess charming landscapes, as the beaches of Turkey are characterized by the cleanliness of its waters and the presence of a lot of activities that you can do within it to spend an enjoyable resort, and if you go to it once, surely you will think about She visited again to enjoy the atmosphere of recovery and recreation that she offers you, as the beaches in Istanbul receive thousands of tourists annually and also the Turks go to it especially on the summer vacation and so the government took great care in organizing tourist coasts in the last ten years, for example since 2005 it was opened A number of beaches such as: Menekce Beach and Gonç in Floreala and 3 free beaches on Bostan Avenue. There are also basic beaches in the beaches, such as changing rooms, showers, chairs, parasols, and rescuers. There are many beaches in Istanbul such as: Naki Bay Plage, Galian Plage, Plage Solar, Plag Golden, Plag Burg, Plage Camus are among the most beautiful beaches of Istanbul. Read also: Learn about beaches near Istanbul ..

Women’s beach in Istanbul

Women's beach in Istanbul
A women’s beach in Istanbul, the women’s beach “Sayer Altinkum” is one of the most beautiful and most private beaches and its entry is restricted to women only, so women can go for a walk and enjoy swimming without restrictions and feel completely relaxed and not needing legal clothing because all workers in the beach are female, the beach includes rooms for changing clothes and bathrooms for showering and distinguishing it The presence of high medical care next to a mosque, trips to the beach are continuous throughout the week, where women gather in specific places near their residence and are connected to the beach and also when returning from it. As for entry fees, they are divided as follows: free entry for children under 7 years, 10 TL for ages 7 to 10 years, women and children older than 11 years at a price of 30 TL, while boys under nine years of age can enter with their mothers.

Floria Istanbul Beach

Floria Istanbul BeachFloria Istanbul is one of the most beautiful beaches of Istanbul and is characterized by its wonderful location in the west of Istanbul in the Florya region, you can go to it by taxi or buses and we advise you to go in the afternoon and do not miss watching the sunset amid its beautiful blue waters, when you visit it you will feel the renewal of your energy and activity as well as spending time Fun to entertain, sunbathe, swim and build homes on fine sand. The beach starts working from 7 am until 6 pm.

Very beach in Istanbul Bostan

Very beach in Istanbul BostanA very beach in Istanbul, Bostan is considered a very beautiful beach in Istanbul, due to its unique location, charming nature and definitely worth a visit. It is a private beach on the Marmara Sea in the Kadikoy area in Istanbul. It is also located near Baghdad Street, which is one of the most important markets in Baghdad, so the beach is crowded Tourists and locals on official holidays, length of 1 km, includes chairs and parasols and is characterized by its fine sand. Enjoy sunbathing, recreation and swimming in its clean water, then go to one of the restaurants overlooking it to eat a fresh fish meal, and the beach work begins at eight in the morning and closes at the tenth In the evening and its entry price per person is 10 Turkish lira, that is, 2.6 US dollars, and the beach is characterized by its proximity to the best Istanbul hotels, including: the four-star “Sawadi” hotel, which is located 15 minutes by car from the beach. Read also: Your guide to the best places in Istanbul for families

Solar Beach Istanbul

Solar Beach IstanbulSolar Istanbul is called the sun beach, it is one of the most beautiful beaches of Istanbul, located in Kumkoy overlooking the Black Sea, it extends for more than 1 km of fine sand and its area reaches 30 thousand square kilometers, it is one of the largest beaches of Turkey, when you visit it you will enjoy spending time you will not forget The beach organizes many concerts as you can practice different water sports and enjoy the charming views and distance from the city noise and has places for children and after that we advise you to eat a meal in one of his restaurants to provide distinctive dishes and then wander in the shops and buy what you need. The beach begins to work from th Eight o’clock in the morning until ten o’clock in the evening As for entry fees, it is divided as follows: 25 Turkish liras, or 6.55 dollars on weekdays, except for the weekend, so it costs 45 Turkish liras, or 11.79 US dollars. You can also get a seasonal subscription for two people for 850 TL 222 ٫ $ 64 The beach is characterized by the presence of the best Istanbul hotels alongside it, such as the three-star Keliya Hotel, which is just steps away from the beach, and the three-star Erzurumlu Hotel, a 5-minute walk from the beach. Read also: Children’s attractions in Istanbul

Kelios Beach

Kelios BeachKilyos Beach, Kilyos Beach, with a distinctive and charming view of the Black Sea in the Sariyer region, 30 kilometers from the center of Istanbul and easy access to it from the center of Istanbul, and you can go to it by taking a bus from Sariyer or by taxi and the road leading to it is very enjoyable, where you pass through the Belgrade Forest, You can spend the best times and have more luxury and relax by sitting on the soft, distinctive sand of this beach and taking shelter from the sun during the afternoon, as it is one of the most beautiful beaches of Istanbul. The beach is filled with tourists and Turks in the summer because it is one of the most important beaches of Istanbul and we advise you to dress I saw that if you are a lover of tranquility and nature and what distinguishes him is that it includes a number of restaurants that offer Turkish dishes with distinct flavors and also international dishes do not forget to eat a seafood meal in one of the restaurants, and next to the beach there are a number of caves available to visit but be careful and do not enter into a great depth in Water because the Black Sea region is known for its strong marine current, as this beach is the most popular and it is preferred for surfing lovers because the waves are high and young people are greatly interested in holding many parties in it.

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