The most beautiful beaches of Sharm El Sheikh

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Sharm El-Shaikh

Sharm El-Sheikh region is known as the largest city of the South Sinai Governorate located in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and is considered one of the most important tourist centers in the world as a whole, as it is famous for its high-end tourist resorts, in addition to its amazing amazing beaches, in addition to the fun diving in the waters of the Red Sea, and by that It is a tourist city par excellence.

Sharm el-Sheikh in the past

In the past, this city was a village of small size, and its inhabitants worked in fishing, and on this craft they lived and provided their daily food and household supplies, and somehow lacked all the services and facilities, where they were neglected for many years, except for the few services that are rare, such as the dispensary Medical, police station, and school.

Sharm El-Sheikh recently

In the last fifteen years, the Sharm El-Sheikh region has turned from a small remote village that overlooks the sea to a tourist city, but rather is considered a global tourist center, where visitors come from all over the world, where it is famous for its unique and distinctive beaches, which were designed according to the best international designs, and built resorts Many compete with each other to offer the best in them, including providing unparalleled rest and recreation.

Sharm El Sheikh beaches

There are many exciting beaches in Sharm El-Sheikh that are popular with tourists, but the most famous and beautiful of them are:

Trasina Beach

It is considered one of the most important beaches in Sharm El Sheikh, and it is a destination for lovers of diving in the depth of the sea, and is only five minutes away from the hilltom resort of Sharm Waterfalls, intended by tourists; it is considered a diving center in Sharm, in addition to diving, it is held on the beach an evening on Friday Every week, a dancer performs amidst an exciting music, with songs performed by an international DJ.

Shark’s Bay Beach

It is an industrial beach belonging to the Shark Bay Resort, so it is mostly visited by the guests of this resort, and only a short walk separates them, and it is a suitable place for those seeking relaxation and relaxation, and it contains swimming pools, in addition to restaurants that offer delicious international cuisine, and a large number of huge bars, in addition to To a number of amenities.

Fanar Beach

It is a natural beach, surrounded by coral reefs, and its waters are rich in various types of fish, so it is considered an ideal destination for what is known as surface diving, it is also a suitable place to relax, where you can lie on the beach and hear the calm music that some teams play, and therefore it is dominated by the romantic nature, As the evenings are quiet, it has an Italian restaurant that serves delicious Italian dishes.

It is worth mentioning that the Sharm El Sheikh area contains more than a hundred and fifty hotels and resorts, in which all services of interest to the tourist are provided, to make him feel happy and safe, and therefore a large number of businessmen, politicians and celebrities in the world visited Sharm El Sheikh and spent the most beautiful times in it, and took a trip in One of the glass boats that pass over the water, through which you can see the treasures and magic of the sea.


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