Tourism in the United Kingdom revolves around London, where tourists often go to this city, unaware of the existence of beautiful and charming cities and villages in the countryside of the United Kingdom, which are full of natural landscapes and wonderful attractions. We have chosen for you here ten of the most beautiful, you may think of visiting soon!

Bedford Bedfordshire

United Kingdom BedfordBedford combines historic landmarks and landscapes
Bedford in Bedfordshire is a cultural center in eastern England, with many museums included. Bedford is one of the destinations that combine historical monuments and natural landscapes. The most prominent tourist places to visit in this city are each museum, Higgins Art Gallery and John Bunyan Museum, in addition to Bedford Park, which is characterized by its architecture and design dating back to the Victorian era.
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Stethis North Yorkshire Yorkshir Staithese

UK StethisStethis features an arts and heritage festival that showcases many handicrafts
Cythis is the village of explorer James Cook. In this city, he was born, raised and loved the seas and oceans and dreamed of his dream of discovering the world. The beauty of this region and the charm of its nature located in a small bay in North Yorkshire makes everyone who has visited it wishes to discover more. The STEthis is distinguished by the Arts and Heritage Festival, which displays many handcrafted products locally. This festival is one of the most important events that attracts many tourists annually.

Crovie Aberdeenshire

United Kingdom CrophyCrowe is distinguished for its magnificent homes overlooking the Scottish coast
Groovy is one of the smallest and most beautiful cities in Scotland, where there are a group of houses close to each other, and these houses feature a wonderful view of the Scottish coast. To reach it, try public transportation because cars do not enter into this narrow streets.

Stamford Lincolnshire- Stamford Lincolnshire

United Kingdom StamfordStamford is located in the county of Limcolenshire and is characterized by its architecture and Georgian architecture
Stamford in Lincolnshire is distinguished by its Georgian architecture and architecture, which overwhelmed some cities in the United Kingdom during the eighteenth and nineteenth century, where the colors of alleys and houses vary between red and brown, which made many filmmakers flock to film their films, and one of the most prominent films that shot a film about the English writer Jane Austen under the title “Pride and Prejudice”.

Dunster Somerset

United Kingdom DunsterDunster is characterized by its tourist features that vary between natural and historical landmarks
Dunster is located in the most beautiful part of Somerset in south-west England, where this village is located in the hills in Exmoor National Park. It is distinguished by its tourism components that vary between natural and historical landmarks, such as the Castle of Dunster, which was the home of the Rotril family and was handed over to the National Heritage Foundation in 1975.

Pepury Cotswold – Gloucestershire Bibury

United Kingdom PiboriPibori was built on the banks of the Koln River, which is one of the tributaries of the Thames
The construction of this city dates back to the fourteenth century, where it was built on the banks of the Koln River, which is one of the tributaries of the River Thames. Pepury is distinguished by its ancient stone houses and unique architecture that was built in 1380.

Coffley Devon Clovelly Devon

United kingdomKoveli was found on a hill with slopes that all led to the sea port
Covilli is distinguished by its design and engineering, as it is a non-flat village with no flat streets, where Covilli is located on a hill, and it has slopes that lead to the sea port. It has unique old houses and small shops specialized in selling gifts and souvenirs.

Castle Combe Wiltshire

 Castlecombe, UKCastle Combe is one of the oldest and most beautiful British villages where its design was constructed on the model of the Cotswold Hills
Castelcombe has always attracted and inspired filmmakers, due to its charming ambiance and distinctive buildings. Famous films have been shot like “War Horse”, “Stardust” and “Doctor Doolittle”. Castle Combe is one of the oldest and most beautiful British villages where it was modeled on the Cotswold Hills.

Polperro Cornwall

Unique, unknown placesCornwall is distinguished by its beautiful scenery and design as it was an important commercial station
Cornwall has been known since the eighteenth century for various commercial activities where it was a stop for smuggling operations, but then it turned into a large port that contributes to the prosperity of tourism in this region that includes great tourism ingredients.

Hawkshead Cumbria

The most beautiful cities and villages One of the best times to visit Hawks Head is between August and October
Hawks Head Village is located inside the National Park of Calgary, and the village has been called by this name due to the group of rocks in it that resemble hawks. The village is characterized by a magical view overlooking both the Calgary River and Murchison. The period between August and October is one of the best times to visit this village, which is one of the most beautiful villages in Australia, where you can find many types of animals and see unique natural riches.
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