Norwegian cities come within a wide and varied collection, which visitors mean to enjoy comfort and tranquility, starting from its urban capital that is filled with art, culture and hustle and bustle, Norway is characterized by the presence of many landscapes that are difficult to compare this matter which placed it among the most beautiful tourist countries in the world, in addition to what it contains of many It is a small traditional village located on the edge of the strait and characterized by its picturesque nature, passing through its colorful cities that extend over many islands, and Norway always opens its arms welcoming its guests and visitors to explore it and get to know its quieter and more colorful cities. And a pulse of life they are really worth visiting destinations throughout the year especially summer days Here are the most important details on Arab travelers.

The most beautiful cities in Norway summer in summer:

Tourism in Oslo:

Oslo (Norwegian capital)Oslo (Norwegian capital)
It is the capital of Norway and occupies the forefront of the most beautiful Norwegian cities, and the history of this city dates back more than a thousand years, it is a mix between modernity and modernity as it is now considered one of the best urban and European areas, and this city is distinguished by it includes a number of new neighborhoods and there are many museums, parks and gardens Botanical cafes and royal palace which makes it more beautiful.

Tourism in Geiranger:

Geiranger interface for nature loversGeiranger interface for nature lovers
It is one of the largest cities in the Kingdom and one of the most magnificent tourist destinations, where the Strait of Geiranger, which is surrounded by many landscapes, is considered one of the most favorite destinations for nature lovers.

Tourism in the Afotin Islands:

    Avotin IslandsAvotin Islands
These islands are distinguished by their beauty and calmness, as they are surrounded by many small Upper Egypt villages, and this city is distinguished by the fact that it includes many small fishing villages around it, and it is considered one of the most popular cities in Norway.

Tourism in Trondheim:

Trondheim was the first capital of Norway, and this city is characterized by its quiet historical nature, which seems to blend with the nature of ancient myths, which helped the city to be a distinctive façade for visitors wishing to relax and relax, and enjoy the taste of the most famous fresh seafood available in it as well as visiting the Nidaros Church Considered one of the largest churches in northern Europe, this beautiful city is always recommended to visit in late summer.

Tourism in Yalu Norway:

Yalu in NorwayYalu in Norway
Founded in the early 17th century, it was destroyed after it was subjected to a huge fire that caused the destruction of most parts of the city, but the city is still amazing and managed to become one of the most attractive cities in Norway, where its wonderful streets and homes that are distinguished by its divine paint, and arched ceilings, in addition to For the beauty of the motifs painted on the facades of its buildings.

Tourism in Friedrichstad:

Friedrichstad is considered one of the best forts that still stand in Norway, its ancient architecture is not comparable to any other architecture, and this church was built on the Dutch model where there are many high walls and trenches, this made it difficult to storm the city, but today it is filled with a lot of The bustling markets, shops, and narrow winding cobbled alleys, the city’s markets are famous for selling handmade products, and the city has many vast green lush spaces, so it is considered one of the amazing and quiet destinations.

Tourism in the village of Rennes Norway:

Rin village in Norway
This small village inhabited by fishers, and this village is located in the Lofoten Archipelago, and this city is characterized by its colorful houses around the waters of the calm blue sea, which is surrounded by lush green sloping hills.

Tourism in Bergen:

The city of BergenThe city of Bergen
It is considered the second largest city in the Kingdom of Norway, and this city is characterized by a great amount of magic and beauty to look like a quiet fishing village, and they call it the Norwegian Straits Gate, distinguished by its incomparable beauty and picturesque nature, where its steep mountains and wonderful waterfalls, and the old city of Bergen is classified as one of the sites The world heritage, where the cobbled alleys and traditional wooden houses, while the rest of the city is filled with a unique and wonderful mixture of various architectural styles ranging from old medieval buildings to houses with contemporary designs.

Tourism in Tromsø Norway:

Tromsø, Norway
It is considered one of the best cities in Norway and it is intended by many for the sake of enjoying the view of the northern lights of the aurora and enjoying a close view of the local wildlife, visiting the areas located in the vicinity of the city or visiting the polar museum, and enjoying the beautiful landscapes that overlook the mountains and straits of the region.

Tourism in Lofoten, Norway:

Lovoton in Norway
This city is distinguished by its many wonderful scenic views and is located adjacent to the Norwegian Sea, and is classified as one of the most famous Norwegian cities, and this city includes a group of deep fjords, in addition to the presence of many long beaches and seabird colonies, and among the most prominent landmarks of the city we find the Lofotter Museum which It dates back to the Flemish era, and archaeologists have been able to discover the largest archaeological building of the royal era and its length is approximately 83 meters.

Tourism in Norway’s Flame:

So, the most beautiful destinations in Norway
Hundreds of thousands of tourists go to it every year for a ride in Vlasbana, which is the path you take during a train journey that runs through wonderful waterfalls, steep mountains or narrow valleys, and although the journey distance by train does not exceed 20 km, in 2014 it was classified as One of the most dangerous trips in the world, the Norifjord Strait is one of the narrowest fjords in the world and passes through it during the trip.

Tourism in Tonsberg Norway:

It is considered one of the oldest cities in the Kingdom of Norway, and it contains many tourist attractions and tourist attractions because it is the oldest city in Norway, and one of the most prominent features is the ancient Viking Cemeteries, in addition to the presence of many historical museums and the famous Fortress of Tonsberg and is considered one of the most popular Norwegian cities during the summer season It includes natural landscapes, in addition to the royal hill, which consists of many ancient fossils and sculptures. This hill is considered a tomb for one of the members of the royal family, and a visit to the Tonsberg Cathedral, which was built in the Gothic style, and you can enjoy visiting the Oslo Strait and the spa The fairway or ride any of the private yachts that are out there sailing by the middle of the water, or visit Pollarn Island is much to enjoy leisure activities and landscape viewing and diving.

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