Guide to the most beautiful cities of Spain, if you seek to enjoy the splendor of nature, its beauty and its taking advantage, there is no doubt that Spain will be the best destination for you because it is uniquely interested in tourism. In 2010, the country of Spain ranked fourth in terms of tourism, as the number of tourists this year reached nearly 53 million tourists, and many international tourism companies offer wonderful offers and programs for Spain, which is famous for the diversity and multiplicity of monuments in it between museums, palaces and historical monuments dating back to the era of the Islamic conquests, and this does not negate the beauty of nature and urbanism that decorates Spanish cities, and more The magnificence of this matter is the Spanish tourist cities that we will nominate for you to be your destination for travel to Andalusia, which bears the hallmarks of Islamic and Arab civilization.
At the beginning, it is advised to book in the city of Seville, the capital of Andalusia, this city, which serves as a gateway to visit the most famous and most beautiful products and cities on the shores of the Mediterranean, and it is also possible to travel to Seville directly, due to the availability of an international airport.

The most beautiful cities of Spain:

  • Canary Islands

Which is one of the most beautiful and wonderful tourist destinations in Spain, which embraces many unconventional landscapes that fascinate its eyes, the Canary Islands are characterized by a moderate climate throughout the year, as well as it includes a number of sites that have been registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List, and in which there is the third longest volcano in the world, In addition to the presence of many entertainment sites, according to statistics, the number of visitors to the Canary Islands for tourism has reached 12 million tourists per year, especially the Gran Canaria and Tenerife islands, and it is possible to visit the island of Hierro, which is the most beautiful and most wonderful of the Canary Islands, which is Yeh global natural and includes stunning beaches very magnificence, and it is also possible that the island of Fuerteventura CAR is the second island of the Canary Islands in terms of size and space are considered as well as from the ancient islands there are a number of buildings dating from the Middle Ages.

  • The city of Madrid

This city, which was known by the Arabs as Magreta, is now called Madrid, and it is one of the largest Spanish cities and its capital. As for its location, it is located on the banks of the Matzanares River in the middle of the state of Spain, and the city is the third city in terms of the large area at the level of the European Union, after The cities of Berlin and London, and there is the headquarters of the royal family and the seat of the Government of Spain, as well as museums, palaces and squares that come to life, and where friends meet in the area of ​​the Plaza Mayor, where there are frequent open restaurants and bars throughout the day, and there is a place for fun and relaxation and that It is due to its wonderful climate, as there are international football fields such as Real Madrid and Tabari Club in addition to a number of other Spanish clubs and teams, which helped revitalize the tourism movement in all parts of Madrid, in addition to the culture of its people and is characterized by the intelligence and stores merchants, which Help uplift her destiny.

  • Valencia

This city is characterized by the availability of many famous tourist attractions in it, where there are frequent competitions and festivals, such as the competition to prepare the largest dish in the world, which is held every year in Valencia, and there is also the archaeological cathedral church, this church that the world’s Christians hold a lot of appreciation And love.

  • The city of Segovia

This ancient city has many tourist palaces and ancient museums, and the hotels of this city are keen to receive a wonderful reception for tourists coming to the city, as well as tourism companies provide a wonderful performance to receive arrivals from tourists, and one of the most important features of this tourist city is the Alcazar Castle dating from the third century Ten, which is characterized by its magnificent shape similar to the arc of the boat.

  • The city of Toledo

This wonderful Spanish city, which when visited, feels that the time machine has been moved back, between the forts and castles of this imaginary city, where its streets are dominated by the romantic atmosphere that you have always been searching for, since its history dates back to the Middle Ages, so in every corner of the streets of this city that was Paving it with pebbles, next to its old walls which are predominantly elegant, so it is the perfect and distinct option for those looking for a change in routine and renewal, so it is recommended to increase the castle of the city, which is controlled by the romantic character, in addition to organizing roving in the old town, which is characterized by its hidden magic which is The easy to discover between its antique buildings and its incomparable calmness.

  • Valencia city

It is considered the third Spanish city in terms of the large area, as it is characterized by some special traditions held by its people such as the celebrations of San Jose, and Muslims called it a city of Valencia and is distinguished by its long history as it was opened by Muslims in 714 AD, and they called it the city of Spanish art.

  • Bilbao

It is one of the Spanish cities that is located in the northern center of Spain and it is one of the famous commercial centers in Spain. There is also a commercial port in the city, which is one of the most famous Spanish ports, and this city is distinguished by its museum and its beauty and beautiful history where many beautiful festivals are held.

  • The city of Pamplona

The city of Pamplona or the capital of Navarre, that city that is known worldwide as a bullfighting center, where the festival of San Fermin, which lasts for nearly a week, is held in July every year, as well as it contains a number of beautiful gardens, ancient neighborhoods, the Navarro Museum and a number of churches The historic and a group of hospitals dating back to the sixteenth century, as well as a wonderful collection of Romen mosaics, and includes a number of murals and artifacts dating back to the thirteenth century.

  • The city of Girona

This city, located in the provinces of Catalonia in northeastern Spain, is a small medieval city known as the Thousand Siege City, with a number of Romen walls, Gothic churches, and some Arab baths.

  • The Spanish city of Likitayo

Likayitayo is one of the Spanish cities located in the province of Biscay in northern Spain, this friendly town that will steal your heart as soon as you see it, because of its natural scenery and beauty during taking, this city was known as a small fishing city in the past, but today it has witnessed many developments to be Among the most important cities worth visiting and attention, there are a number of beautiful places that must be visited, and one of the most famous landmarks of Likitayo is the Church of Santa Maria, which is a Gothic church dating back to the 15th century, and tourism has a strong role in this city during the summer months.
As tourists come to it from all sides, due to the many distinctive beaches and resorts in the city, this city is famous for its pure water, the smoothness of its sand and the purity of its water, in addition to it contains a number of interesting water activities and the presence of a number of cafes, bars and restaurants, in addition to the presence of some small Basque cities in the vicinity From Likayitayo, and the city holds a number of interesting celebrations such as the San Pedro celebration that takes place between June 29 to July 1, this celebration is held to honor the saint as people take to the streets in a procession carrying pictures of the saint, as well as Meh Celebration of San Antolin, which begins on 1 to 8 of the month of September and this is the celebration of one of the most popular festivals in the city, in which thousands come out of the people of the city to celebrate it.
As for the most famous landmarks in the ancient city of Likayiou, this cave is a cave, t art, which was the beginning of its discovery in 2016 and dates back to 14500 years ago.

  • The city of Pessalo

And it is considered one of the most beautiful and famous cities of Spain, which is located near the north of Barcelona in the province of Girona in the eastern state of Spain, and one of the most famous landmarks of this city is the presence of a beautiful bridge dating back to the Middle Ages. Also, the entire city gives an insight into the nature of life in the Middle Ages, and one of the most wonderful and beautiful things that excites joy in the city is that it contains a giant Jewish heritage that appears clearly in the form of the Jewish temples that adorn the city, so there is a Jewish bath which is one of the few baths onEurope level, which is still present to this day due to the Middle Ages.

  • Randa city

It is one of the most magnificent historical cities of Spain, for all those who love history, then Randa is the perfect destination for you, as there are many great historical evidences that still exist to bear witness to the ancient times that were present then, and the city of Randa is located in the province of Malaga in southern Spain, and it has been Dividing this city into two different sections through a river that passes, and they were both linked through a stone bridge road. This bridge has a wonderful and exciting view across the valley.
In the ancient times, the city was inhabited by Arabs, as it is home to a number of poets such as Abu Al-stay Al-Rendi, this city that resembles an integrated artistic painting revived by a number of ancient settlements dating back to the Stone Age, in addition to containing a number of ancient Romen ruins, and in Randa city there are three bridges They are the new bridge that was built in 1715 and is one of the longest bridges that exist in the city, as it reaches a height of 120 meters above the valley, which makes the movement upon it an unforgettable experience, as there is a Romen bridge and the Arab bridge, in addition to the presence of a number of Arab baths dating back to the third centuries Ten and the Ten dimensions, and most famous of these churches, the Church of St. Mary the city that was built on the ruins of the Great Mosque, which is still a niche this mosque existed inside the church to be the best witness to the existence of the mosque a long time ago.

  • The city of Frigiliana

It is one of the wonderful Spanish cities that is characterized by its narrow streets, white walls and houses, as for its location, it is located in the south of Spain and is characterized by the splendor of its climate throughout the year, especially in the cold and cold months that are witnessed throughout Spain, so it is one of the most suitable destinations to escape from the cold weather in Spain Without leaving its lands, Frigiliana has been called the White Village, because voting is always taken as one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit, and this city has a large number of bars, restaurants, and bars, as well as some restaurants on the roof, as it is possible Handed your meal amid the beautiful scenery Albanoranih of the city, next to it contains many hotels characterized by the quality of service which makes it easy to stay in it.

  • Soyer

This Spanish city located in the east of Spain in the Balearic Islands region, this city is known for its beauty as it is one of the tourist cities that many visitors flock to, because it has some excellent tourism ingredients, as it is characterized by its fine sandy beaches, the purity of its waters and the warmth of the sun, and there are many games on its beaches And water activities, as it is famous for the presence of a number of outstanding restaurants that offer delicious seafood, and there are a number of cafes that are located in the open air beside the city being an important center for many wonderful parties, which makes it one of the wonderful Spanish cities that come to life.

  • The city of Barcelona

This city has a number of the oldest and most splendid Spanish museums, as well as a number of art galleries and a lot of musical celebrations, this city is characterized by the splendor of its tourist color and the wide fame it received from Barcelona Sports Club, which prompted many tourists to visit this city In order to watch the different matches of the Barcelona team, as well as enjoy the beauty and splendor of this city, it also features a charming and unique gadi prophetic color, and Las Ramblas, which is full of continuous activities and events, in addition to the music fountain that is found in the Hispania Plaza T is considered the most beautiful at all.

  • Burgess

This city was the capital of the Castile region in the past nearly five centuries, and this city had an important historical role as the house and the place of the remains of the Spanish hero Speed, which dates back to the Middle Ages, as this city managed to attract many tourists who care about Spanish history, and called it The name of the European city of culture.

  • Logerno

This city located in the north of Spain and dates back to the Middle Ages, in which there is the mausoleum of Saint James de Compostela, and there are many wonderful sculptures and statues, and is the main center of the wine trade, as the city has a region of La Rioja, in addition to the presence of many historical parks in it.

  • Salamanca

This city located in central Spain and is characterized by its amazing beauty, as it contains sandstone and is famous for the bright light that is emitted from the rocks when the sun sets, which made people call it the Golden City, in addition to the University of Salamanca that was built in 1218 AD, which To this day it is still one of the best European universities.

  • The city of Palma de Mallorca

This picturesque city, which is found by the Majorca Mallorca, and is characterized by the presence of narrow streets and its many alleys in the old squares, as well as many contemporary hotels, as for the central cathedral, it has been restored again due to its charming natural scenery.

Tourism in the cities of southern Spain

  • Seville

Tourism differs in the city of Seville, the capital of Andalusia, from the rest of Spain, which is no less magnificent and beautiful, except that Seville is a tourist gateway through which you can visit the most famous and most beautiful cities in Spain and its most beautiful resorts located on the coasts of the White Sea in southern Spain, this city that combines tourism Andalusia, where archaeological places, historical sites and wonderful events are held for families, along with its beautiful beaches and the beautiful natural scenery that distinguishes it. As for the beauty of the view of this city, it is well known, that jewel city that enchanted the hearts of both the West and East, and T is located close to many of the most luxurious resorts and many attractions that suit young people and families trips, and is one of the premium destinations for those wishing to spend Ihr honey because they are predominantly Arab East atmosphere that sends psychological comfort for Arab tourists, next to its people good hospitality.

  • The city of Marbella

This city, known as the Costa del Sol Beach, we must shed more light on, Marbella is located on the shores of the Mediterranean and includes the most luxurious and famous tourist resorts in Spain, as it is the favorite destination for the rich and famous from all over the world, besides it is one of the resorts Preferred by Arab tourists, it is located close to the city of Malfa, as for the most famous tourist attractions in which we find the port of Puerto Banus, which is crowded with night clubs and fine restaurants, besides it includes a number of picturesque beaches and ideal gardens that suit families.

  • Costa del Sol

As for the Costa del Sol region, which is one of the most famous and most beautiful places of tourism in Spain, this region is characterized by the presence of a number of the most luxurious resorts and many attractions that suit youth and family trips and honeymoon trips, and this region dominates the Arab and eastern atmosphere that comfort Arab tourists, and from The most famous resorts that are located on the coasts of the Costa del Sol, we find the resort of Fuengirola, which has a number of wonderful beaches and the picturesque resort of Nerja, and there is also the romantic town of Mijas, Torremolinos and the city of Benalmadena.

  • Malacca

Tourism in southern Spain is not complete until after visiting the city of Malaga or Malacca, which has a large share of continuous and enchanting praise for all travelers to Andalusia, this city is located two and a half hours from Seville, and is considered the most suitable sea destination in Spain as it combines picturesque beaches and charming villages And the landmarks of history and ancient civilization, so it is advisable to visit the village of Auchen, Banirah and Qamarsh, in addition to the availability of a number of monuments and palaces immaculate in it, such as the Kasbah Palace, along with some distinguished museums in it such as the Picasso Museum and a number of water parks, fine restaurants, elegant markets and parks that suit Families.

  • Almeria City

This city located on the eastern end of the southern coast of Spain, which is two hours away from Malacca, is one of the most beautiful coastal cities in southern Spain, this city has a mix of modern attractions and famous historical monuments such as the castle of the Kasbah, along with a number of parks and museums Suitable for families, as well as the beauty of its coastline, where distinctive cafes and elegant restaurants extend along their coasts.

  • Cadiz

One of the most beautiful coastal cities, where there are the most beautiful ports of Spain, located in the southwest of the country and an hour and a half away from Seville, is one of the cities suitable for spending honeymoon and youth trips, this city is famous for being the old romantic old view of the sea, along with a number of beaches and museums Fortresses and archaeological castles.

  • Jian City

Or as you know the city of Jaén, if you do not like to betray your memory when you remember the most beautiful cities of Spain, do not miss to visit this city, which is located an hour and a half from Cordoba, and is famous for the presence of olive farms and the coolest fields in it, this quiet romantic city that abounds with stunning views, palaces and castles Al-Kanai and many beautiful archeological sites, this city is suitable for one-day trips.

  • The city of Cordoba

This city that overlooks the Mediterranean coast and is very similar to the Arab countries, as it is one of the most Spanish cities affected by the Islamic conquest, in which there are a good number of tourist attractions that are affected by Islamic and ancient Arab civilization, and there are also many Arabs who love to go The city of Cordoba because of its wonderful atmosphere and a distinct calm, next to the simplicity of its streets and the harmony of its homes, which gives the city a completely charming appearance, located close to the city of Seville within two hours, and there are a number of historical monuments such as the King Cristiano Palace and the Mosque of Cordoba, beside that there are a number of Elsa S magnificent gardens Kshh Plaza de Kordira.

  • The city of Granada

This Spanish city, which is enriched by Arabs and Persians with its beauty, is considered the most welcoming city for tourists, as tourism companies frequently exist in this city, which pushes the state to be on constant alert to develop the city’s facilities and restore its effects in a preliminary way, still to this day it attracts a lot of people Who is looking for perfection and eternal beauty, located three hours away from Seville, and an hour and a half away from Malaga, this city includes a number of well-known tourist attractions that are indispensable to the definition such as the Cathedral Museum and the Alhambra Palace that is described p Z that one of the wonders of beauty and art and architecture in the world, next to it is available by dozens of forts, churches and museums, and there are a number of parks, forts and castles, as frequently the modern shopping centers and surrounded by a number of picturesque rural villages that are worth a visit.

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