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Amasya was classified as one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey, as it is located in the north of Turkey, specifically in the Black Sea region, knowing that the history of this city dates back to about 7,500 years; where the city has importance in the Ottoman history, since it is considered the birthplace of the sultans: Murad the first It is worth noting that tourists can see the ruins of the Ottoman houses, as the city contains the tombs of the eighteen Kings of Pontus, engraved in the rock, and it is important to mention that in Amasya a castle overlooks the city, where visitors can inspect the remains of the Ottoman bath, and the reservoirs The waterfront, as well as other destinations in the city: Hospital (Bimarhane), and the palace (Hazeranlar Konağı), and Sultan Beyazid II complex.


Despite its area not exceeding forty km2, Bozgada Island located in Turkey is one of the preferred destinations for Turkish tourists and foreigners, as the city is famous for its beaches and grape farms spread in it, as the city is affected by Greek culture through its colorful homes, and the city contains There are a number of places that tourists can visit, such as: the castle, mosques, the local museum, the church, and art galleries. The city is classified as one of the most beautiful Turkish cities.


Istanbul contains many tourist destinations, such as: Hagia Sophia, which is considered one of the remaining relics of Byzantine civilization, and this name means: divine wisdom, and it is worth noting that the Hagia Sophia was a church before it was converted into a mosque, as many art historians classify The dome is considered to be the most beautiful in the world, knowing that the Hagia Sophia building has been renovated several times, after it was subjected to a number of fires. , Such as: school memorization of the Koran, and places to sleep, places to eat, baths, tombs of some important people, Istanbul also contains the Topkapı Palace, Grand Bazaar, and other tourist places.

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